10 strange animals had not heard about before

Pink is the smallest Armored armored animal species, and a length of only five to six inches, which is the only animal that be dorsal accident (shield) is separate from the body almost and Icksoh of the aspects of fur.The home of the animal is Argentina and nutrition major ants, worms and some herbs and snails small insects, and you will notice its talons sharp and strong, which in turn help them to drill in dry soil so-called Besbah sand, and shield protects him from the rocks and soil during drilling, Female Animal armadillos give birth Walid and only one, aof endangered species.

Animal aye aye rare and endangered Despite the unusual shape , but he is approaching the rank of chimpanzees is of the genus monkeys and a species that lives in Madagascar that combines qualities of many of the animals , where it has breakers such as rodents ears like a bat and a tail like a squirrel We Lunch this topic animals on insects and their larvae and confined its activities to night ranging in color from dark brown and black and features a tail heavy and long beyond the length of the length of his body , where the length of the head with the body about 40 cm , while the length of the tail 60 cm on average, and weighs about 2 kg characterized by his wide eyes  and slender fingers , his large ears and very sensitive to sounds

 is kind of small deer which is characterized by a prominent black hair on her forehead . This animal resides in central China and is considered a shy animal and therefore is usually single or live in pairs and preferably camouflaged places where well be hidden

Dumbo octopus is the kind of lives in the deepest point in the ocean , among other species , of octopuses which is 7000 meters below the surface of the water , was discovered in 1999 and its shape resembles the bell and there rather than 37 , and feeds on snails , mollusks , bivalves and crustaceans

Irrawaddy dolphin is a kind of ocean dolphins that are found off the coast of the sea and estuaries are found in the Bay of Bengal and Southeast Asia. This dolphin is associated with genetically killer whale . Usually feeds on small fish and fish eggs and some crustaceans .

Dugong : marine animals large species of mammals and is approaching in the form of Manatee , which is one of the four living species of Sirenia water eating grass , a relative of the animal dugong Stiller , who continued to catch even extinct from sailor Statistics in the eighteenth century , the dugong is the only one of his platoon who roam the seas 37 countries in the Indian and Pacific oceans and seas in the Middle East, but the majority of dugongs live in the waters of the wide from east to west through northern Australia between Moreton Gulf and sharks.

Deer neck giraffe lives in East Africa and have small heads relative to their bodies and their eyes and ears too big. They feed on acacia trees , so often stand on their hind legs to reach the high branches

The Jlekiat or lollipops stone called also verticals figure is the rank of aquatic animals range tracking the to Avkaat of the range to Avkaat. It is a primitive vertebrates round mouth lacks the presence of decoding, while Absorbent mouth has funnel-shaped contains teeth, so that the bodies of other fish, sucking their blood. In zoology, is not considered not always Gelki the real as thickness, due to strong disagreement from other fish.

The Fosse animal  of the largest carnivorous mammals on the island of Madagascar. Her around with prehistoric animals up to the size of size-Assad.

Moles with noses asterisk (Kondilora Kristata are small animals does not exceed a weight of only 50 grams, a weight equal to twice the weight of the mouse, and they live in tunnels shallow land wet for most of the northeastern United States and eastern Canada, and hunting prey underground and underwater as well. As is the case almost thirty members of other species Mole (the stellar-nosed mole is part of the Rank-feeding insect eaters, a group known with it receive high and excessive appetite.


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