5 Information you should know about teens

Notice that your son sleeps so much? Is sad way sitting ? Worry about school results ? Here are 5 must know information about adolescent help you to understand and act with them in the best way .Why do teenagers sleep so much?
While if your child wakes you up at the crack of dawn when he was 3 years old , here is the day to sleep late hours of the morning.

Is your teenager if lazy ? Not necessarily, in fact , during his sleep, his brain creates new connections ask him to sleep longer. But not only that I have noticed that if you wake up in the late rarely sleeps early . In fact, the problem comes from melatonin, a sleep hormone , which is secreted in teen two hours after the usual time ... This results in disturbances in the sleep cycle . Find teenager if in a state of vigor and vitality when it comes to sleep , and on the contrary be very tired in the morning.

During the week, watch teenager to late at night, which do not achieve enough of sleep (usually obliged to nine hours of sleep to be in after the usual vigor and vitality ).
Ask him to specify the time does not exceed to go to bed . Then guess him to give up caffeinated drinks in the evening , Altaizhanh will be perfect.

Finally, the efforts carried out by the evening , such as watching TV , video games, computer loses his sense of time . Ansahah reading a good book or do a quiet activity . It can also take a warm bath That will help him to sleep.

In the morning, breakfast is beneficial , consisting of hot drinks , dairy , fruit and grains to help him start a new day at best . Upon his return from school he should avoid long naps That will be difficult for him to sleep at night.
But beware if you notice excessive real it can be, in some cases, evidence of depression . So be vigilant !Why lie this way ?
Adolescent growth which is about 25 cm in less than two years is why he is so . Adolescent is exposed to the pressures of a very important around the spine and in this case, his muscles do not give him the necessary strength to sit. Sit way taken by the teenager on the couch ( slouched with D - feet on a small table ) is what constitutes a seating angle measured 127 degrees which is what NASA scientists described the hearing that " where there is no gravity. " In this way, teenager gets rid of the pressures associated with the period of growth.
Why are seen repeatedly in the fridge?
Your teenager is always looking in the refrigerator for a snack addressed , or inspects cupboards over and over again in search of biscuits that often you find a box empty scattered here and there in his room ?
If you eat more than it is in response to the need of the body 's daily calories to be able to deal with the best growth .

Here are some tips that may be helpful to you : Try to ensure that your son avoids snacks as much as possible . It needs to be a healthy food intake at the table with the family and not alone in his room. Make sure you have time to eat is going on in a good atmosphere so it is not that time a source of tension or concern for your kid .

On the table , Aqtrahi it saturated cuisine , but in small quantities in small jars . Meal can begin authority or help your son soup satiety . Also tell him to take his time ! Meal with family at an appropriate atmosphere are the best solutions .
Why rebelling teenager ?
Teenager needs to dialogue with those around him and to feed the sound to ensure a balance in three key areas : the body, and the development of skills through learning, and develop Ajtmaeith .

Son reached the stage of maturity which should be able to feel its need to socialize with others, and also feel that the threat to his need for self-government. In adolescence increases this feeling . Teenager afraid of to Ahgerh his parents at the same time afraid of his parents' intervention in private affairs .

Adolescence is a stage to confirm the difference of others : If a teenager has enough confidence in himself , if he was confident of the same, everything is going smoothly. Whenever he was feeling insecure recognition like a threat .
Why school results fall down?
Teenager who is in a good mood is not obliged to reject the education that enhances the capabilities. If he refuses to help , it is because they are for him represent submission.

How can you help him ? In fact , do not let him refuse to education ! Fear does not justify the rejection of education because it increases the lack of confidence in himself. Adolescent need to develop skills through learning and if refused, will find himself in a dead end. We must tell him that you do not learn to make us happy , but he must study for a future without abandon , of course , about his hobbies and harnesses the full time of the study.

In fact, what worries the teenager is a sense of helplessness about the change when you do not have enough confidence in himself. In response to this he needs to increase his skills valuable new without forgetting those that have already acquired .


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