Amazing Photos To the World Of Ants

The owner of this wonderful series is the talented Russian photographer Andrey Pavlov, who Adanaspor macro photography and majored in photography ants for seven years to come to us with this group that we have not seen the likes of before to the world of ants.

The strange thing is that Andrei Pavlov was not interested in filming the macro until wounded in the spine, which forced him to stay at home over the past seven years was an opportunity to draw the world of ants view, and since that time began to read books about ants and behavior, and became fascinated with the path of living societyants, especially because they care about and care about each other so debilitated them, as they are an organization with a civilization creatures 150 million years ago. It also liked the use of the means of living ants sustainable kept them in tune with the surrounding environment and Torthm at the same time.
Reflected impressive Pavlov ants in that he decided to monitor and capture many of her images are not picked up by one before:

It is hard to believe that anyone can ants training and make it represents in front of the camera, but in reality Andrei Pavlov found a way to make it happen. As we talked before he spent a lot of time in the study of ants, which earned him considerable experience in knowledge of methods and selected tracks on which they depend, and so all he had to do is find them and put the foundations of a trained, and the creation of some of the backgrounds flash and put reflectors light, and as soon as the passage of ants in the right place at the right moment the subject.

Wonderful is that Pavlov excelled in the use of things variety to attract ants, such as coins, shiny, and says that it took him three years to understand how to communicate with these insects smart, so goes every year from May to October for his hut in the countryside to photograph ants Jungle Red:

Here is this amazing set of pictures:

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