Amish people the most backward in the state's most advanced civilization

We often hear people described as backward and away from development because for example, does not have a mobile phone or because it is not fluent in the use of computers or because he still owns a flat black and white, because he lives behind us a few years, or even a few decades in the remotest way ...but what if I told you that there is in a better and stronger and more countries in the world progress and civilization of the United States of America are people who are behind us for 300 years!!

Live the life style of the seventeenth century, and do not use any of the modern welfare

They are the Amish who have decided to live on the old style and even though they are receptive to some modern ideas - such as the use of modern medicine - but that their lifestyle has not changed much in 300 years. They do not use electricity, so Fbautem not containing electrical lighting, no TVs, no kitchen appliances such as refrigerators and no telephone. Denied car ride so you see them riding horse carts and speak a German dialect that occur by early ancestors who lived in Germany and Switzerland. The Amish call them relative to their leader and founder of the sect "Ammann Jacob". Amish came under severe persecution in Europe and many of them were executed so resorted to the New World around the year 1660 and have stayed in the state of Pennsylvania, where reside there to this day.

Founded Amish at the hands of the "Security Jacob" and is one of dozens of Christian groups splinter that have emerged in Europe of the Middle Ages with the spread of the Reformation, he saw the "Security Jacob" to the path of salvation and the farmer in this life and the afterlife is to stick to the literal teachings of the Bible and Backfirst to the origins of Christianity through the renunciation of ecclesiastical authority and lack of recognition of the Pope, commitment to the teachings of the Bible in all walks of life, even in the simplest things and consult with the so-called "Senate" in both small and large, and this Council advisory councils like when, where Muslims decide whetherthat was it contrary to the Gospel or not, and is considered the supreme authority in this society where the promise of the most religious communities in America

Complied with members of the Amish to the law is written (inherited orally) called "Alawrdnang Ordnung" and is determined strictly how the lives of members of the Amish even in the minutest details of how clothing through the length of hair and how the story down to how tilling the soil, and they are committed to him strongly . It is these laws that are used by the Amish laws really great and noble

- Separation of the sexes
- Obligatory for women to cover her hair and wearing dress modestly
- Groups headed by the Senate adults (what looks like the people of the solution and the contract)
- The prohibition of singing and music
- Beard mandatory when men after marriage directly with shaving the mustache
- Prohibition of drinking alcohol and adultery.

Opposes the Amish any technology they believe may affect the nature of their society cohesive , Fterahm renounce things we consider we necessities such as electricity and television , car, phone ... and because they believe that it will be published underworld and malice in their community and create something of class and inequality ( Amish are all equal in everything, all their belongings shared any collective property and no one poorer than others) , even in tilling the land rely on plows traditional pulled by horses not used agricultural Amish modern machines, however, their farms successful because they work hard and take care of well to their land and their animals. farms are always small where they see that it is wrong possession of too much of the land or the money they need to live so they do not know buying and selling them if he wanted someone something enough to go to the store and take on as much as he needs , they do not recognize individual ownership , they are known for asceticism and austerity and away from the article ... some Amish farmers discovered the presence of oil in their farm a few years ago . Is there a lot of oil under the farms , or just a little ? . The Amish farmers did not want knowledge. In the case, have sold their land and moved away without inform any one is oil , did not want to be wealthy .
Do not recognize the social insurance , instead , they help each other in the dark times . If one of them , the disease relatives and neighbors Christlpon the caws and will grow and harvest his crop fields they consider everything to spend as much as , for example, if someone burned a barn Fissehb everyone in the case ( Imagine all ) to participate in the construction of a new barn !

About the study, they do not recognize the education, government and instead teach their children in sub-schools consisting of a room or two rooms (applies gender segregation) where they learn at the hands of teachers Amish, of course, the principles of the English language (do not speak English, but the tone of German) and the principles ofMath, geography and history of the Amish only (do not care about the outside world and its history) in addition to the teaching of the Christian faith and some classes that are grown educational values ​​and principles in the hearts of children ... in 1972, the U.S. government issued decision of compulsory education.
(They said that al-Qaeda terrorist larger society because of the style of education that was adopted because of their poverty and not because of their religion, the world really amazing)
When an Amish 18 years old, going for three years to explore the outside world and during this period to decide whether he wants to stay in the community Amish mother prefers modern life, and surprisingly, four out of every five young men prefer to return to the community of Amish and spend their lives there !!

Known Amish that they are peaceful too, where not harming anyone and do not respond assault if they assaulted one on them, also features a community that there is no violence and the crimes it where it throughout their history did not commit one murder, their men do not serve in the army and do not participate in wars.
Family is the most important thing in the Amish community, where the divorce rate is almost non-existent have a woman lives for her husband and her children and husband and children toil in the farm, and his traditional role that does not deviate him, men in farms and women Tqmn the the cooking, washing and sewing and take care of the house ... Amish families feature the large number of its members, About a quarter of families have more than ten children! And this is what led to the Tcatherhm continuous, where he was not more than five thousand in 1900, while now stands about 300 thousand people. Starts boys in the search for a girl at the age of sixteen, but must Amish to marry their community only and deprives them marry who not one of them. This is the cause of the problem. And five hundred people who came to the New World in the seventeenth century, nearly forty name.

In the end :: imagine that they are Muslims, why say them and how description the Western media and the Arab media junkie

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  1. Technology lacking yet surveyed to be the happiest group in the country. Ummmm...


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