Animal Kingdom

* First zoo :

Zoological gardens date back to the second century BC , the King Wayne .. The first kings of the family votes - in the establishment of China 's first zoo is mentioned in history.As in Egypt was the empress ( Ha TASI) of the kings of the eighteenth dynasty has a mission hunting to the land ( Puntland ) , a place Somalia is to bring a group of animals including giraffes, monkeys , reptiles and when she returned the mission these animals were placed in a public park where accept public to watch .. Not only that, but that King Solomon had maintained a wide range of apes and peacocks ..It was the second Nebuchadnezzar , king of Babylon retains a number of black and Ptolemy II retained a wide range of different animals in Alexandria .The first zoo was established in England in the reign of King Henry I ( 1100 - 1135 ) in the place where the now famous Tower of London and then spread zoos in the whole world .. Especially in countries where there are no forests filled with animals and reptiles and retain most of the zoos in the world allowed behind the walls of the cages closed, but there are some parks where they live animals in herds like atmosphere natural that she was living in it before you put them in zoos of the most famous and Apsonad in Britain and the 665 acres

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