Ants sometimes the smarter than human ..?

She noted a series of scientific research that ants may be sometimes smarter than humans.According to the team one of the research , which included specialists from the universities ( Arizona State ) and ( Princeton) , in the United States , it is of course not to suggest that humans more stupid of ants , many of the objects may resort to options not rational , when faced with challenges that require make difficult decisions , which also applies to humans.

According to a study published in the journal Life Sciences , issued in the twenty-second of this month, which is a publication of the Royal Society in Britain, that the ants of the type ( Timnothorax Kervespinosas ) excels in the selection of his home , he is able to take a decision in this regard even when the options in front of him similar, and that with respect to the positive aspects associated with them.According to the Panel , an individual of this type of ant has one option , but that the group take a collective decision , resulting from the interaction of individuals ants together, which produces one decision reflects the results more accurate , by reducing opportunities to commit individual errors , which may occur when the adoption of individual decisions , which is what the researchers called wisdom of crowds .The researchers believe that they usually believe that there are many options and strategies is useful , but the logical errors tend to occur when individuals make direct comparisons between the available options.In their view , may help studies dealing with the reasons for the emergence of irrationality and how they occur when individuals, to shed light on the mechanisms of perception and constraints , and those that explain how to reach a collective decision , which could benefit from translating to a new approach in the field of translation of artificial intelligence.


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