Is the only mammal that can fly .
There are about a thousand species of bats , which is equivalent to a quarter of mammal species .

Divided into bat for two major groups : the big bats : and know بآكلة the fruits are found in tropical regions of Africa , Australia and India.
Small bats : carnivorous different food from small mammals while fish. It is more prevalent.

In general, all bats are active at night or with the dawn or the appearance of dusk, and many of the bats night depends on your sonar to fly and find prey. Many of bats that fly Balgsag and sunset have eyesight can of vision at the lower levels of light.
But the bats that live isolated islands and less prey fly during the day .

Bat bite may cause rabies ( rabies ) . I have recently learned that bats have benefits . Among them it is a natural enemy of the insects that fly at night. The inoculating about 500 species of plants bananas and dates , Almanjuo , figs and cashew nut . Excreted also nitrogen - rich fertilizer called Joannou guano.

During the day bats sleep during the day caves and cavities of trees and buildings and branches trees and غصونها . Sleep and rest hanging their hind legs and her head down . In this inverted situation does not consume energy . Because the weight of body attaches bat and it installed in his place . Most types of bats live in colonies with thousands

Some bats her big eyes and clear while the rest have eyes small Kkherzh . This difference shows that the vision I have bats play a big role in her life


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