Is a unique type of family cats , is characterized by very quickly undisputed where one of the sons of his platoon , nor any other type of animals , and thus it is considered the fastest animal on earth , but those super speed offset weakness filial large when compared with other types of this species , as to acclimate the bodies of these animals for the enemy to make them slim is not strong enough to fight larger predators

Cheetah speed range between 112 and 120 kilometers per hour and maintain them for about 275 meters , and at the speed of cheetahs they are able to advance about 7 or 8 meters in a single step , and that step 4 steps per second.
Cause the enemy very quickly a lot of pressure to the body of Fahd , during jogging up the temperature to reach the level of a killer so that if continued cheetah on this vein for the fallen dead ; For this reason, often sees the beholder cheetah is resting for a period of time after to catch prey and before that feeds them, and different duration that the cheetah needs to break from the trouble of stalking according to his stint chased prey

Today Panthers scattered with Gmehradtha pool Home in sub-Saharan Africa , and some of them live in isolated enclaves in North Africa , Iran and Pakistan. The largest concentration of leopards in the world is in Namibia in southwestern Africa , invited by some as " the land of the Panthers ."

Female gives birth to Batna number of its members ranges between 3 and 5, it is likely that up to 9 , after a gestation period lasts between 90 and 98 days , in Avhos تستره tall grass for the eyes. Ranges pups at birth weight between 150 and 300 grams


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