Chili .. Unknown treasure!!

The chili drug Pharmacy wide, and an unknown treasure many people do not know , what contains many benefits .. So why is an unknown treasure chili ? Used as an aperitif , and helps digestion , and can arteries and veins vessels to restore flexibility , and on the other hand has many benefits reflected mainly on two blood circulation and digestion , regulate blood pressure, strengthen the heart , reduce cholesterol and clean up the circulatory system and address the ulcer, and stops bleeding , and accelerate the healing of wounds , and repairing damaged tissue , relieves congestion, as it relieves the pain of arthritis and rheumatism and prevent the spread of epidemics. Chili and works to stimulate all the organs of the body and its cells , as they are used in all parts of the world as a stimulant and astringent and antispasmodic, and refreshing for blood circulation and anti- depression , as well as anti - bacterial . And enhances red chili body's energy and reduces the effects of stress faced by rights, and experiments revealed that chili increases the patient 's ability to concentrate, and show that the effects of anti- fatigue and stimulant for the body occur on a temporary basis and without any damages . It contains chili on many essential nutrients for the health of the circulatory system including vitamin ' C' and minerals as it contains large amounts of vitamin A , which helps the healing of gastric ulcers , and the more the red chili increased the amount of vitamin A ' , and one of the types of chili and paprika characterized claims that carries the largest amount of vitamin C among all other species. The chili treatment against diabetes and Puff , arthritis, pancreatitis , and the unique features of his ability to act as a stimulant , if it enhances the beneficial effects of herbs, the other by ensuring rapid distribution and full of the elements of effective herbs for the centers main body, as the agencies responsible for the operations of metabolism , and information transfer , and cellular respiration and nuclear hormonal activity .

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