Cleopatra Part I

The Cleopatra was the eldest daughter
 King Ptolemy XI

 It was natural after his death that occupy the throne of Egypt
 With the participation of her brother Ptolemy
 And marry according to royal tradition
 That were prevalent at the time
 In order to maintain the royal family

 But her brother was not beyond the age of ten
 Delayed coronation
 And take power
 Bozainos an adviser to the late King
 With the participation of two influential people in the palace

 Cleopatra was the boyhood Maah
 The magic babe
 Captures the beauty and nubs consistency sectiones and her face
 Ultra and intelligently

 It was a high degree of culture
 And insightful thought
 And are able to speak several languages

 It was so ambitious superchargers
 Severe trust herself
 Her strong personality
 Do not accept any instructions from the three advisers
 On an ongoing dispute with them

 She was enjoying the beauty unmatched
 Acquires instantaneously
 The hearts of see it
 Her skin was soft velvet

 And that she was representing life
 In all its dimensions , violence and wealth

 It has the attributes of an innate childhood
 Kalmhxh and the rush and the speed of irregularity
 And emotional feelings were sometimes turn suddenly
 From overwhelming happiness to sadness and sorrow of
 It is leaning laugh to tears hot

 Caesar was a capable military leader Romania
 Spain swept
 And Gallic Agz which France now
 And Germania occupied ( Germany) now

 It always looks solemnity and rigor
 But he could not hide a smile
 Smile on his face we met for the first time
 Pkliopatra in the royal palace

 Caesar's military commander strong steel,
 Possessed inside aside romantic
 Make it falls under the influence of the Magic General Levant ,
 Private and Egypt
 Which was totally different from Rome ..

 Every where he invites him to meditation , dream,
 Culture, music, and sensual pleasures , and ideological thought ..

 Whenever he looked at Cleopatra filled a feeling that this woman will
 Be Mrushdth and accompany him in his new which Ashrh and attracts .

 Although he has been able to hold Salha between them and her brother Ptolemy ,
 And stayed for two luxurious celebrations on the occasion of their marriage
 To become officially crowned queen ,

 But he had occurred in love
 After he saw in her eyes she
 Getting Hayama day after day ..

 When he was offered one night
 That accompanied the Nile Cruise to forward the features of Egypt ,
 Agreed to immediately ..

 In the morning, boarded a ship ownership of them tended to Upper Nile
 In guarded about four hundred warship ..
 He was throughout the journey resigned for
 Everything you wanted Cleopatra that his agent Kaahik ..

 Follow us to find out more
 More charming Queen of Egypt


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