Cleopatra Part II

Cleopatra was aimed at
 From behind this trip
 To achieve a specific objective ,
 It was considered a
 As commander bridges ,
 It can be assisted by the
 To impose hegemony and its influence on Egypt
 And property in Asia ..

 And when he surprised her that he allegedly traveled to Rome
 In order to regain the reins of power ,
 Pretended sorrow of parting ,
 And Odath in the harbor a cautious recommendation and asked him to
 That invites them to catch up when things settle him ..

 Caesar was his feelings in his heart flying in Egypt ..
 And when it settled him sent to Cleopatra
 Envoy invited her to travel to it ..

 Cleopatra was at the top of her happiness as it enters to
 Rome in a mythical procession
 Caesar was , standing in front of the people of Rome
 Who came out to receive the Queen's beautiful,
 And next to his wife
 » Kalporne « .. ! !

 There is no doubt that Cleopatra
 Has played a crucial role in the changes that occurred to Caesar ..
 Rome no longer look in his eyes , to the extent
 Enough of grandeur and pomp ..

 Romanians felt that their leader
 Basel raging national and enthusiasm has changed
 And changed frequently and they assert
 That is the Egyptian had his jealousy and his , suit
 And they practiced it some magical rituals ,
 Or سقته something enchanted ,
 Became equivalent ambitious and forward-looking ..

 They want him to become king ,
 To make them kneel Queen Rome judges and advisers
 Under her feet !

 And rolled the events that led to an increase in unit hatred
 Senators and members of the public
 Egyptian flirt bedeviled by Caesar
 And was able to Tqtansh the entangled ..

 Days after Caesar was
 Entering the Senate
 At eleven o'clock in the morning,
 When surrounded by the conspirators ,
 It successive Btanathm on his body
 Fit, collapsed on the ground,

 When rushed to his friend Antonio ,
 Voossah standing next to Cleopatra .
 Caesar died ..

 But the dream of Cleopatra remained in her head ..
 When he went to Antonio ,
 And advised of the need to
 Leave Rome during the very short time
 So as not to kill them angry

 I asked him why he is trying to assist in this determination ,
 He could not suppress his feelings,
 Bah her ​​what he holds in his heart ,
 And Ictmh in the chest out of respect for his friendship with Caesar ..
 Having died
 It can be expressed her love trove ! !

 Overcome ambitious Cleopatra on grief ..
 And began to think of Antonio ..
 Day after day , her feelings toward him began to crystallize ,

 Began to feel toward him great emotion ,
 However, they decided to take advantage of it
 To achieve her dream
 To be the queen of a sprawling empire ..

 And it was necessary to perform many
 Wars and battles to achieve a dream
 But it did not come ,

 Successive defeats one after the other ..

 Antonio ended his life
 That stabbed himself with the sword ,

 Cleopatra died
 It is lying in the Necropolis
 On a bed of pure gold
 The official wore her clothes ultra-luxury ..

 Some historians say that he
 Had not noticed on her body the effects of any toxins ,
 Was found inside the Necropolis on any snakes or serpents

 And affirms others
 The small hole that was found her arm ,
 May be the result of a stuck by a poisoned needle ,
 Or a snake bite

 But the only thing is certain she died
 Was buried in the Necropolis
 Next to the body of Antonio
 Implementation as requested in her will ! !

 This brief information about
 ' Cleopatra '
 Queen, who ruled Egypt for thirty years


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