Creativity architect of the future: South Korea build the first skyscraper "hidden" in the world

Yes Imagine a giant skyscraper able to wear a "concealment hat"!!
How so?
Using cameras transmits located behind the building and then being on a giant LED screens on the walls, the result will be a building is visible to the warden from afar!! .. As can be seen from this picture

Amazing architectural creativity certainly ..

The South Korean government agreed on a plan to build this crazy building as "infinity", which also features angles very creatively designed to ensure that they reflect the surrounding sky seems the viewer from a distance does not exist!!
Strange is not only the idea of ​​the skyscraper, but its place, because the government agreed to set up outside of Seoul near Incheon International Airport!!
Yes near the airport, which will land and take off from the aircraft will be placed skyscraper is difficult to see it! ..

Up building height of 450 meters when completed, will become one of the longest 10 skyscrapers in the world (the first Burj Khalifa in Dubai), and the South Korean government aims to make it a distinctive architectural signs of Korea.

The building was designed by GDS Architects company that is based in Pasadena, California, USA, which had won in a competition to design in 2004, but the Korean government did not agree to build only this summer.This is an additional set of pictures


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