Damages breeding cats at home

Many of diseases that are transmitted from cats to humans , and these diseases are as follows:

1 - fungal diseases herpes (ringworm):

It is estimated that about 40% of cats carry the disease and can be transmitted to humans , the most famous of diseases that can be transmitted from cats to humans , and appears on the human skin in the form of red itchy rings gradually widening

2 - conjunctivitis :

And be in the red-eye with secretions Sididip , easy to treat in cats and humans Balqtarat and ointments, and prevention is to wash your hands thoroughly after coming into contact with the cat when she became ill , and not to allow the cat to move the house and climb up on the mattress humans, and places of sitting down during her illness .

3 - inflammation of the throat and tonsils :

Some cats Accept microbe Alsobha the that cause these infections , and treatment with antibiotics, and prevention is not to let the cat put her mouth in food or drink humans.

4 - gastroenteritis :

Some cats carry microbes Asalmunella and Campylobacter , which may be transmitted to humans , causing diarrhea , vomiting , and prevention is to wear gloves when cleaning the cat and wash your hands well after Mlaabtha , and keep the cat away from food preparation areas .

5 - Cat bite :

More than 75% of cats carry in her mouth microbe Albastiorella which may cause a kind of fever, and some cats also carry bacteria cluster , as well as tetanus can be transmitted through the bite of a cat, in addition of course to the disease rabies , so it is advisable request assistance urgent medical as soon as possible after a bite , especially if the cat was out of the house, or if the cat household and bite deep and intense, and so to deal with the wound and the prevention of possible outcomes.

6 - Cat scratch disease :

Is a disease afford kittens more than the big cats , the bacteria that causes it is called البارتونيللا , up these bacteria to cat by fleas that infect cats, and when you carry a cat microbe then scratch the rights transmitted the infection to humans, and symptoms of the disease in humans is the swollen lymph nodes and sometimes hotter .

7 - bacteria Alhlekubaktr the pylori :

It is the bacteria that causes stomach ulcers and duodenum in humans, has been proven in the early nineties the possibility of moving from cats to humans . The disease is transmitted by contaminated food بفضلات cats , so prevention is is to keep cats away from food preparation areas and not put it on the kitchen tables or dining tables , as well as wash your hands thoroughly before preparing or eating particularly after contact with cats.

8 - Toxoplasma :

It is an object and a single-cell infects cats by eating the meat is well cooked or eating meat from prey infected , or exposure to places stand out other cats infected such as parks or sand, cat infected remain out eggs with faeces for two or three weeks after being infected and then become non- contagious and is gaining immunity may remain with her for life or at least for a very long time, do not get do not infect anyone throughout this period, and eggs produced by a cat that may infect humans or infect other cats , which are able to survive on the ground for a long period of up to a year or more precisely if existed in the shaded moist places , has proven to be infected cat out about ten million egg with feces daily .

9 - Virus:

Including disease rabies is a fatal disease in most cases each of its infected person or animal. And deliverance from it is very rare , and the infected animal disease as a result of being bitten or scratched from an infected animal , starting with its rights when it is exposed also bitten or scratched from an infected animal or when wounds pollution rights saliva infected animal disease.

After transmission of the virus reaches the nervous system and affects strongly , talk to severe convulsions and personal change and many other symptoms often end in death .

The cats are much lower than the dogs in the transfer of infection because they often be static if hit by the disease do not get the status of irritability and biting that infect dogs , and vaccination is available for both human and cats


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