Disposal of electronic waste

Yesterday has the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to develop a plan for dealing with e-waste, which has become a real problem is not in America alone, but in the whole world with the rapid development of technology has been developed part of the plan that the companies producing electronic devices recycles part of it has contained the plan to more than points, including the existence of some companies that have volunteered to deal with the waste at 3 different levels: Albroozenza, silver, golden In Bronze The company collects less than 50% of e-waste (by weight) annually in the Silver The company is dealing with from 50 to 95% of the waste and the level Golden contend with from 96 to 100% of the electronic waste classified by the Agency

The program covers all the e-waste that results from the acceleration of technological carried out by the companies and all the companies required to appoint volunteers from young people, sites and mainstream idea on the overall level and companies on both silver and gold, demanding some additional demands which increase the volume of waste that Ptdoraha each year at the level of all the states so thatDo not bounded by the law of this state and will encourage citizens and introduce them to the program so that it participates everyone has the equipment outdated submitting to the level required to have before making the decision to purchase the devices new and this will create an atmosphere of competition between companies in the recycling technologies and try to live up to the level Golden among the companies participating in the program(Best Buy, LG, Samsung North America, Sharp and Sprint)

There are some obstacles facing this program, especially as the technology used in recycling not been developed which is neglected almost entirely and the companies that operate in this area are very few and deal with certain types of e-waste has been developed and the Environmental Protection Agency two methods to deal with the command:
 1. The easiest way:
  Establish rules standard for companies that re-use and the division of waste in terms of toxicity and security for re-use and put it back in the hardware or disposed of there 92 factory works in recycling in this area in the United States are now working on the ground and establish rules for the export of recycled products
  2. The hardest way:
This method is still under development where they are thinking in ways that are encouraging companies in this area and how their participation in society and a sound How to sell products recycled and used again again

Waste Alaketorneh become a threat to the world in a real and especially in the Arab world, which are frequently the consumption of electronic products and some countries which are easily the dumping of the old and the use of newer hope that there will be such initiatives from the Arab world I think it will be initiatives profitable for both the environment and people and companies

 What are your ideas to solve this problem bloated?


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