Do you sweat a lot now, you can control the sweat

May be allergic to certain foods great relationship severe sweating is natural, and that has to do with hormonal imbalances, high or low blood sugar.And who suffer from this case work analysis to determine the regularity of the thyroid gland and reduce eating sugars and eating chili, spices and stimulants in plentiful her relationship sweating a lot.

Hence we see that for many reasons sweats, it may also be a cover for patients such as inflammation of internal body or heart disease, or cancerous disease. All this must be noted and taken into account. Therefore you have to ask your doctor check out to make sure the safety of your body that if he really thickly and sweating abnormally.There are some unhealthy habits we need to change it and try to replace habits of healthy and which minimize the unhealthy foods and quit smoking once and stay away from fats and sugars and animal products and eat soy milk and milk rice milk and oats, as well as drinking tea dandelion 3 cups per day, eating herb Allies (alfalfa) ontea or capsule form twice a day, and Kelp material is material from seaweed rich in iodine, minerals and potassium balance of the thyroid gland.

The pomegranate fruit important to avoid excessive sweating and herb sage (Sage) important to avoid intense sweating are taken in the form of tea several times a day, as well as material Spirulina rich in vitamin B12 and we eat foods rich in potassium, such as bananas, grapes, potatoes, garlic and nuts.

 And sunflower seeds is important for the balance of hormones and can be taken in the form of a capsule by 2 500 mg day, and do not forget the benefit of general cleaning procedure of the body once a year.

 And Tnziq body internally be useful to drink boiled herbs of the colon and to put toxins from the body.

 They can also follow the fasting and exclusive natural juices and must be organic Organic. We when you follow this system taking into account the absence of disease and diabetes consult a doctor before fasting on juices in the case of a disease, you should avoid constipation and frequently eat healthy water for the purpose of cleaning the body.

 This is especially rich in potassium mixture to avoid race:

the amount of half a kilogram potato - Islands header. - One promises celery - a big glass of water healthy.


cut the potatoes, carrots, celery and put in a blender and then pressed and drink the mixture immediately after the era.



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