Eating too much processed meat shorten life!

Eating too much processed meat can reduce the life span of humans and there is some evidence on the impact of processed meat in human health,The meat General rich in cholesterol and saturated fat, which is probably linked to coronary artery disease in the heart, and processed meats treated also nitrates to improve the quality , color, and taste , and it causes the formation substances " carcinogens " and associated risk of cancer of the colon and stomach.
The high cholesterol and triglycerides in blood and deposition in the arterial walls leads to what is known as atherosclerosis , the most important coronary arteries, heart muscle and peripheral arteries and cerebral arteries .
In general, research has shown that a lot of meat and fat leads to many diseases especially the diseases of the arteries and heart disease , which in turn affect the various organs of the human body , and these harmful effects :
- Palaces and myocardial dysfunction .
- Coronary arteries clots .
- Circulatory failure and cerebral arteries of the brain clots may lead to a stroke .
- High blood pressure and the consequent adverse effects on the heart, brain and kidneys.
- Incidence of obesity , especially with the lack of exercise and the most important of abdominal obesity , which yields cells of the body 's sensitivity to insulin and thus occurrence of diabetes .
You should not eat more processed meat to they shorten age , and instad it fresh meat because they are healthier than those canned .


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