Eight golden tips to enjoy a strong and healthy heart

1. Get enough sleep at least seven hours a day , so as not to defect in metabolism and metabolic your man and go up then chances of obesity and diabetes, and also noted a recent study conducted by researchers from the University of Chicago that failure to obtain rights to adequate sleep increases the deposition of calcium arteries and raises the chances of being infected sclerosis .
2. To maintain blood pressure in the rates of natural so that does not exceed 120/80 , so exercising and losing weight and reducing salt foods and alleviate anxiety and stress , which exposed human throughout the day , especially that high blood pressure of more means that cause injury arteries aging, while lower rates may make the body 's natural looks ten years younger .
3. Avoid passive smoking and away from the places and people who have this bad habit , because the hour of exposure to cigarette smoke similar to the same damage caused by smoking from 2 to 4 cigarettes.
4. Attendance to walk 30 minutes a day ; for improvement of the functions of the heart pump blood, and also that the movement regularly have an effect anti-aging , in addition to the findings of a recent study conducted by researchers from Harvard University that each hour Eetmrnha rights increase the shelf life by two hours .
5. Careful eating fish three times a week because it is rich in acids omega -3 fatty acids , which proved its role in protecting the heart and blood vessels , especially salmon , tuna, mackerel , or can be replaced with some nuts such as walnuts , which contains large amounts of omega-3 .
6. Taking half a tablet of aspirin a day or a low-dose aspirin to reduce the risk of heart and strokes , and can eat half a cup of warm water before and after taking aspirin to reduce the harmful effects on the intestine.
7. Coexistence as much as possible with our own physical capabilities and not feel concerned about the lack of commitment to meet the needs of non - core , so as to avoid damage on the health of the arteries as a result of chronic stress and anxiety .
8. Avoid infection and chronic infections such as gingivitis by washing teeth regularly , since they stimulate the body to increase the incidence of thrombosis and protection from bleeding , which raises the chances of heart attacks .


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