Elf girl: strange wonders of the world

It Girl Elf (also called there) or "Charlotte" which suffer from a stunting bacterial disease, which is rare at the medical level, The girl is 5 years old and weighing less than 400 g, length 68 cm!!....

Charlotte joined the children in the first school day in elementary school, middle looks surprised by everyone, where walked away part of her children for fear, and other part under play with her as small. the puppet

It is feared adult exposure to them so as not to inadvertently do harm, to the girl classified as a smaller girl on the face of the earth, where doctors predicted her death at the age of the second, and the second is the girl of the family, where her sister was born the first naturally too. For her part, says her mother: "She may be small, but it has a big heart and want to do what ordinary people do, and enjoyed by intelligent normal like other children."

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