Failed to lose weight by natural methods ..swallowed up tapeworm!! See what happened!!

For failing to lose weight, I decided to buy American girl tapeworm via the Internet, said it helps to burn fat in the stomach, but it soon swallowed up hit with strange symptoms orientation summoned immediately to the doctor!! It seemed a doctor bewildered the behavior of his patient, hurried to contact the Department of Health in the state of Iowa U.S. to guide its opinion on how to deal with this situation unprecedented, and reacted Health Authority to the doctor that he rid the patient of the worm through some medical drugs designed to kill parasites. After the incident, circulated physician Patricia Koanlisk, the medical director at the Department of Public Health in the Department of Health in the state of Iowa, the case of sick workers in the department, warning of the danger which may amount to death. And called Koanlisk all who want to lose weight resort to methods known and secured to the diet, which relies on reducing calorie consumption on the one hand, and increased physical activity on the other. Tapeworm is a parasite is able to absorb a sufficient amount of food and nutrients from the human body, and therefore their presence can reduce weight but they can cause blood poorer and worse in nutrition.


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