Fan But without the blades

Dyson fan is a fan appliances characterized that it does not contain the most important characteristic of any fan, a cipher!!
 Although you this "fan" to accelerate the air that passes through more than 15 times faster than regular fans, not only that, but the current progress continues uninterrupted of fresh air!

But how come the air without blades?
 The trick lies in the fund, which you see at the bottom of the fan, because the blades are inside as you see in this image

We had then talked about the expectations not to the success of this product because of its high price of $ 300 a times the price at which you can buy any fan!
 But the surprise was the announcement the British inventor James Dyson about a 300% increase in sales of those fans from last month.
 Not only that, but took advantage of Dyson growing fears of summer hotter Entombment the new

Says Dyson that air conditioners do not provide good solutions because of poor ventilation (he says!) And because of the difficulty of installation and consumed a lot of electricity, so feet 2 fans the new to competitive air conditioners through the ability to accelerate the air 18 times within the private channels to come out in the form of fresh air with the consumption of a few electricity!
 Not only that, but these fans can output 405 liters of air per second!


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