Find Love ... is a big problem!

Since our childhood we hear songs and watch movies, which often carry a lot of romance and love, relate to our hearts small - we girls - the idea of ​​love and marriage and the White Knight , who await his arrival , but what to do if delayed Fares dreams or no longer exists ? !

In fact, some women possesses obsession and fear of the idea of ​​unity , and the songs , novels and films filled our hearts and minds the importance of love and it 's like water and air and the man without love - love emotional - is just the man died of his heart !

 Then your 
constant  search and amounts for your partner and Love lost will fall you in many of the problems as follows:

- Failed relationships :
On the way to find love involving women in relationships failed out of fear and pressure from family and society, women find themselves - especially Arab women - at the crossroads between moving in that relationship failed with someone who does not agree with her completely or pleasing society that is still going on in the pressure Arab women in relation to marriage .

Some women continue in those failed relationships for fear of the idea of unity and the title tabby who constantly pursues , but and waives women morally and materially so much in those relationships that quickly shows its failure, and ultimately become an inescapable necessity .Those relationships that leave deep wounds in the hearts of women , may not timeless.

- Self-confidence :
The idea that men and women complement each other halves controls some women in a negative way , so that women always feel that they always minus object as long as the man is not in her life , and feel reassured as long as close to man ... any man !You are a man who has disadvantages and advantages of human - to - human man also has disadvantages and advantages of each and every one of you separate and independent personality , why the feeling of inferiority and unjustified loss of confidence ?

The question that occupies our minds , do you like yourself ?
Is it possible for those failed relationships and personalities inappropriate to remain with you forever ? Can you endurance? And for how long ?

Dear women ... if you actually are an amateur romantic movies and novels will find that love comes without warning , and does not need to search and examination to find it , but you understand one fact you do not know why hide you days , there Tgali of yourself joke pathetic !


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