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Monitor to you now in this topic to find the small creature very similar to human length of 7.2 cm and opened his eyes several times and change its color after a few days of that topic is received and monitor you from the exporter News Now on the Internet where they were examined by scientists and doctors Veterinary meaning it is likely to betrue where it was found in the first of the month of October 2002, where they found one of the families in the south of the State of Chile, where is a small creature very similar to humans and a length of 7.2 centimeters almost where he was head of a relatively large addition to the arms fingers long and also this creature strange legsit was amazing that he is alive when you find it among the weeds where this creature has opened his eyes several times

Where after examining the specialists at the University of Chile so the creature could not identify the descendants of those strange creature and most likely it never descendants of Barre
And when you find it was a pink color and coating his body no hair, but when it was filmed by journalists several days after a change in color became dark brown and it may be see to save the refrigerator after his death.
Doctors Veterinary local could not identify it and saw the need for a process of analyzing the DNA of this creature but everyone is surprised after the issuance of the statement of Professor at the University of Santo Tomas says that this creature is a descendant of monkeys mountains, but this result disproved many specialists after comparing the size and shape of the skull descendants of monkeys with this creature's skull as well as Mneptha and others said that the shape of the mouth and the nose does not indicate that the descendants of monkeys mountains, but the file is closed.



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