funny Information in a diverse of strange facts! ..

Prevents entry beetles ! ..

In the fifties and sixties of the last century wanted City Games Disney to look clean and healthy , was to prevent the owners of long-haired men from entering, where they were returning inclusion upon arrival the main gate , and did not also allow employees lengthening hair beards or mustaches, was imposed on female employees wear socks when you wear long skirt .

Professor does not know how to read ! ..John graduated "John Corcoran" from high school and then studied at the college , and later became involved in education in one of the secondary schools to teach the subjects of English and social studies for 19 years , and all that .. Without knowing how to read .

John belongs to a family of six children , and excessive preoccupation with his parents did not Alahza difficulties faced in reading , the school was placed with a group of students idiots , and often forgotten teachers is reading difficulties has , after graduating from high school he joined two of the junior colleges, and eventually went to the University of Texas at El Paso and graduated .
Succeeded in obtaining a bachelor's degree in education and business management with fraud and enjoyed by the grant , and in his first job as a teacher in the secondary school students were asked to write their names spelled out to him every day.After long years of teaching, followed by ten years as a real estate developer , has decided that the time has come to learn to read, Since then then became a spokesman for literacy programs, and so he began his own foundation devoted to reading , as it has become an author .John remained until he reaches the age of eighteen and forty- level in reading comprehension equivalent to the level of the second row , has not been discovered throughout his educational and professional .

Rare diseases ! ..

Since reaching the girl Australian Ashley "Ashleigh Morris" the age of fourteen began to have excessive sensitivity of water ( whatever the temperature ), which suffered heavily from this case skin rare called urticaria, it can not wash her ​​hands or even a bath with hot water does not come close in any form from any source of water without exit rashes .

Dollars of cotton ! ..

Dollar made ​​from the leaves of cotton , which is a type of paper made of 100% cotton, and immersed in polyvinyl alcohol , gelatin to make it stronger, the paper used for currency strong and durable as opposed to the type of paper made ​​from wood chips that we use normally .

Flying Soldiers ! ..

During World War II discovered the army could be trained bats of North America ( which can carry 3 times the weight ) to drop the bombs on Japan, after months of testing and training was canceled the project, as it caused the bat fire in the barns, and they even opened fire on cars General !

Monkey and three cubs ! ..

Video funny monkey playing with three cubs to show his skills .. To watch :


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