General Information very strange part I

Eye size does not change since birth but volumetric nose and authorization does not depend on growth.

:: Eyelash women almost twice the man.

:: Strange and amazing that cockroaches after friction man Tasaraly the hideouts in order to clean her body!!!

:: Man is the only creature who sleeps on his back.

:: First the Malboro company owner of cigarettes injured died of lung cancer

:: American Airlines provided the amount of forty thousand dollars in 1987 when it canceled one olive from each salad bowl offers a first-class passengers!!

:: Most of the dust inside the homes be the result of the remnants of dead skin that falls from the population

:: Between 25 to 33% of the world's population sneeze when suddenly exposed to light

:: Amount of blood in a man's body than those found in the woman's body. Nothing to do with the ability to sense

:: Venus is the only planet that is going on with the movement of the clock

:: Duck voice is not heard echo, and did not discover the reason for this

:: Apple - not caffeine - is a powerful alarm clock, to help the man waking up in the morning

General Information very strange
General Information very strange
General Information very strange

:: Collapse can not any paper than half more than seven times

:: Pearl beads dissolve in vinegar

:: All polar bears are left hand

Ostrich :: eye bigger than his brain


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