Imagine with us .. How life would look like without the Internet!

The world has changed since the onset of the Internet and there has been a lot of things possible after it had been difficult or impossible, and we spend a lot of time on the Internet between different sites, news, photos, games, information, and many others, which gives us usually what we need in a short timewithout the need to return to the books or references ..

But do you imagine how life be if the Internet disappeared from the world? !

I started the idea of ​​the Internet since 1950, and was continuing to develop even actually appeared in the early nineties of the last century , network marketing has been commercialized in 1995 , particularly after the removal of all restrictions to become available to all users .
This graph shows increase in Internet users since emergence of commercially Network :

So what happens if the network disappeared after it was built a lot of business , products , and after that changed the world ? !we will share the imagine  from two aspects : the bright and dark
We begin bright :1 - Back to the books

We have become accustomed since we use the Internet to information easy food, which is usually not deep , but sometimes superficial !But if the network disappeared from existence will get back to the books that give precious the Permanent and useful information , which remain in our hearts and more than رصيدنا of information Vtnar the minds really .2 - find more time

Internet kills the time were killed , when the intervention on your computer to see the image or respond to the message , you find yourself have merged on Facebook , Twitter and other social networks , and memorable time with images and events and various news to find that you have missed a 5 hours instead of the five minutes that you need to respond to the letter !If the Internet disappeared 'll find plenty of time to do things you defer and you'll find more time for yourself and your family !3 - talking with interest and see a lot of people

The social networks make us have fake relations even with those who know them on the ground! Vtjd this blessed her friend on Facebook , and this sends an email بكارت the congratulations for his sister 's birthday , and the last is the duty of solace by comments on the Mail ! !Instead of increasing the ties and relations between friends and family, contributed networks - non - social ! - In the dismantling of these links and ignore many important duties towards the family members and friends.Thus, the disappearance of this network will lead to increased links back to the performance of duty toward others through natural means and the most influential and important.4 - hobbies

Author Paul Miller technological "Paul Miller" fought experience and retired the Internet in order to know the impact left him over the years , the work on the separation of the Internet and the closure of Wi - Fi and replace his smart one mobile phone stupid .

Miller says , " The Internet is a re- programming of our relationships, our emotions, and sensitivity to our" , and everything looked like something else , stop to inhale the smell of flowers , and became his life is full of events and coincidences, meetings of the real and full consciousness away from half a coma and purely mind , bike riding , and Greek literature , he wrote half a novel , and every week he passed an article for a magazine , and the loss of weight 15 pounds without trying to lose weight, and you do not have a clue how to do that, which did not happen before, and in addition to that, wept Les Miserables he does not know what this relationship with anything.Thus , we find that leaving the Internet lead to a return to normal life and health as well, and given time to exercise more hobbies.
On the darker side , there is no doubt that the Internet has many benefits , and without it the world will vary and is heading for the better in some aspects and worse in other aspects as follows:1 - expensive Communications :

The Internet has made it very easy to communicate with relatives or friends or even recognize the other New Users Register them thousands of miles without cost , almost certainly the disappearance of the network will increase the cost of telecommunications significantly and return to the early nineties of the last century where the PABX is the only way to talk to relatives traveling , or bear the cost of expensive international service time on your home phone !2 - influenced by a lot of business and loss of jobs :

Certainly affected the business world is very large , most companies currently rely on the Internet in the performance of its functions and transactions and even to communicate with their employees and themselves .There are companies that depend mainly on the Internet to promote their work or in their work primarily as an online marketing companies which are based on the network fully, as well as various sites .And will be affected by large technology industries such as the manufacture of mobile phones and laptops and all his money to do with the Internet !And certainly will be affected by global stock markets which will lead to considerable disruption in the global economy . It also will be the loss of many jobs extension and the loss of a lot of companies and increase the unemployment rate unless an alternative solution is found to fill the gap fast network big!3 - difficulty and return to the Navigation Maps:

Many of us became dependent on electronic maps in his travels and his movements inside and outside of his own, and that you trip outside of your country has become quite easy after the possibility of watching this country and hotel reservations and even transportation via the Internet. Not to mention the GPS service available on all smart phones and relied upon by many.Thus , the loss of these features will make life more difficult and make us happy to the early nineties of the last century !
This vision ..What is your vision for the form of a life without the Internet? ! .. Share your comments .


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