Learn .. Top 10 Foods lead to psychological comfort

The study proved modern that there are many dishes that lead to psychological comfort and address the emotional disorders eggs, and fish, and milk, and vegetables, and legumes The lack of these substances in the body leads to the emergence of depression and irritability and increased sensitivity to the effects normal in the surroundings environment .

The research also confirms that the lettuce is working to calm the nerves, and works on the islands of mental calm and tranquility,

The liver, rice, and wheat exceeded addressed the human capacity to endure the pain, also reduce his emotions, and cause him to a state of relaxation and drowsiness.

And different dishes, there are also a number of hot and cold beverages that help calm and serenity where psychological help address the latency, hibiscus and star anise and mint drink to reduce anxiety and sponsors when these beverages to be Gelbha as is the normal pill.

It is famous juices its ability to soothe the nerves and expulsion of concern lemon juice, apples, berries and tangerines.

It also works cheese, boiled or cooked chickpeas with some vegetables such as: zucchini or spinach to stimulate thinking and memory as a result of some of the amino acids that contain these substances

In addition, the egg yolk, vegetable oil refining incomplete mainly corn oil, cottonseed and help to improve and enhance memory.

According to scientific research, The majority feel an improvement in their mood when eating chocolate is also working to resist depression and heart pacemakers , and to prevent a sense of tension because they contain sugar and caffeine dates is also working to acquire one of courage and strengthen the nerves bananas helps meditation and good thinking.
And confirms the doctors the International Society for the study of fatty acids that there are significant benefits for the mind and eat all acids, known as the " omega- 3 " , which is available in abundance in fish and eggs , where it is possible to prevent infection frustrated as they enhance the learning process.
A study conducted by Dr. " Joseph Hellbln the " from the U.S. National Institute of Health on 14,500 pregnant women that frustration rates less than women who ate fish during pregnancy , and also less likely to offer their children for behavioral problems or learning difficulties .
Other researchers have found that children who at least have the rates of fatty acids in the seven years of age are more likely of frustration as adults .
Said Dr. Ray Rice of the International Society for the Study of Fatty Acids : Enjoy people who eat a lot of fish in good general health and mental health is better than not eat.
He added: fish is not only rich in vitamins , but also the most important source of fatty acids.
Also uses barley flour to reduce agitation in terms of taking two tablespoons of barley flour is added to them a cup of water and boil to simmer for five minutes , then add the cup of milk and a spoonful of honey bees and the Holy Prophet has recommended that it is stated in the true Imam Bukhari from Aisha God bless her : she heard the Messenger of Allah may Allah bless him and grant him peace says : talbeenah ( barley flour ) Msjma Fouad patient , and go some grief .


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