- Lemon fruit has properties that cleanses the stomach of any infection. Lemon strengthen the immune system to the human body.

 However common colds and flu drinking fresh juice which relieves symptoms Similarly stop any activity other infection could show Kttorat the flu because its anti-bacterial properties and viruses.

 - The benefits of lemon:
 - Lemon purified blood, helps the body to rid of سمومه.
 - The fruit of lemon effective in the fight against diseases associated with infection.
 - Lemon helps to get rid of insects, it is natural insecticide expels mosquitoes and flies
 - Drink lemon juice beneficial for heart patients because it is rich in potassium.
 - Like a lot of people resort to sedatives in case of natural pain Statistics wounds or small.
 - And a lemon natural tranquilizers, which can be placed on wounds in addition to that stop bleeding.

 - Lemons uses:
 - Lemon juice placed on a bee or wasp bite pain relief
 - Drinking a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil helps to break up gallstones


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