Magnetic hills, natural phenomena mostly unexplained found the in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon!...

Magnetic hills , natural phenomena mostly unexplained found the in Jordan , Saudi Arabia and Lebanon !Magnetic hills , and called idiomatically (Gravity hill) any " Hills of gravity " , are places where strange phenomenon occurs so that the water is spilled in these places moving opposite direction and that the car liberated from the restraints ascend to the top rather than go down to the bottom . Dotted hills magnetism in many places of the world, including what has been explained already that an optical illusion because of the geological formations of local and breaks the light of what has not been explained until now so that the Earth tilted actually does not contain what is causing the optical illusion and spin better expectations geologists in the interpretation of this phenomenon in being the effect due to magnetic forces cause composition and concentration in these places unknown.There are several hills Magnetism scattered around the world, including the Arab world and has become these hills hotbeds tourist give it back visitors from all over the world to enjoy watching what is contrary to the laws of physics that we see in our daily lives, and one of these areas are located in Saudi Arabia, and specifically in the Medina in an area dubbed the "Valley of the jinn ." It is known that Medina is surrounded by a number of mountains , one of these mountains is a magnetic hill stretches at a distance of 4 km , and as we mentioned earlier , you see the car on the speed zero ascend to the top , as shown in this video :

Magnetic Hill is located Arabia in the valley of the jinn near Medina in the coordinates
 24.7225583333 N, 39.4445166667 E To see the location on the map: q = 24.7225583333 + N% 2C +39.44451 66667 + E

The magnetic hill located in the Republic of Lebanon on the road leading to the welds watch the following video:


hill is located on Jordan Road in Jordan See the following reports:


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