Natural way to treat back and neck pain

Natural way to treat back and neck pain is a specific reason .Natural prescription for non-specific back pain_________________
- Of the common causes of pain bottom or top , back and shoulders is to tighten the supporting muscles and weakness as a result of many reasonsThe most important stand or sit or sleep in an unhealthy way .As well as improper nutrition and constant negative thinking .
The proposed treatment : -
Lifestyle ** : -
- Eating fresh fruits and vegetables and reduced meat , legumes , and sugars as much as possible .- Stand in a flat with raised neck and chest forward.- Sitting in a flat manner with support Alzaraly Datum chair as much as possible .- Breathing correctly from the chest so that chest filled with air .- Sleeping on a mattress medical or type steel sink down a lot and shall be comfortable pillow and proportionate to the neck and not be too soft.These methods may be uncomfortable at first but after a few days become normal .- To ease the pain Put warm compresses on the place of pain 15 minutes and then clean the area with Oomsaj cream contains natural oils ( like Radian cream or other ) .- Weight Loss that was a plus .. And light exercises such as walking daily

** Dietary supplements : -
- Taking nutritional supplements from fish liver oil ( omega-3 ) per day (available in pharmacies ).Works to reduce arthritis , back and neck pain .- In the case of bone pain as well as for women after the age of 45 prefer to take calcium tablets daily .
** Treat the psychological roots of symptoms : -
There is nothing to prove modern theories of thinking and behavior back pain and boneIncluding the loss of material and moral support and sense of continuous Baltanep and physical fear of the future and a sense of weighty responsibility.- Do not take yourself too much of the burden and duties .. Liberation from the shackles of thinking.And clear the idea that you have to sacrifice yourself for a .. Has created a free and independent .- Cultivate these ideas in mind and echoed faith and certainty : -- I'm as much responsibility and God in Awni- I trust in God ..- I Give love and received by others without restriction .
* Note:If you are using the medication do not leave it only after reviewing the doctor consulted about reducing the drugs used .This recipe improves the body 's response to natural and pharmacological treatment and reduce the medicine used in the case.


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