Oddity and wonders about the animals

Strange and amazing that 'cockroach' after inadvertent contact with humans rush to his hideout to clean itself

Turtles breathe stern

Horse-and-mouse does not vomit

Voice 'duck' does not appear anywhere echo, and the cause is unknown

The octopus is the smartest animal in the world of invertebrates

When you lose one of octopus tentacles long, grow alternative arm have gradually later

Put female octopus '60 A.' egg and then commit cache has not left until you die of starvation

Octopus has «10 legs» and «3 Hearts»

Mosquito her teeth, and the number of teeth '47'

Physically, it is impossible to be seen the sky

Horse can continue to be a full month and standing on his feet

That Assad leaves the lioness to the hunt «90%» of prey, and before you start the lioness eating prey put aside for the lion's share


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