Oddity of the seas and oceans

The discovery of older fish in the world :

Found a fishing boat in Alaska on a type of fish (shortraker rockfish), female, scientists believe it is the oldest in the world

In appreciation of 90 to 115 years and from there it's 157-year-old decided to specifically

And wear as it seems it was filled with eggs, including making them slow-moving

Means Lessa was in the rest of old and not yet entered the stage of despair

Female length 45 inches as shown, two inches less than the global figure for this type is 47 inches

Registered in Alaska also stated in 1950

Do you know how much the volume of CAT Fish in nature:

In fact huge volumes along the old man and the largest

Here are some pictures that condemns all those who do not respect those fish and dubbed the term Junk

Looking at the size and after that think very well before that complacency with

Very strange fish fiercest fish in the world it is called the Tiger

See shape and imagine ferocity African

And complements pictures of me the strangest whale in the world
is called The whale shark
Located in Japan


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