Oddity of the wonders of the universe .. 5 interesting things I discovered in space

Oddity of the wonders of the universe .. 5 interesting things I discovered in space

 Tip: Did you know that the light that reaches from the sun to the earth takes 8 minutes, and that the speed of light is 300 thousand kilometers per second, and that there stars until it reaches their light to you, it takes years, and stars other up to us their light in centuries, but the scientists say there is some of the stars that did not arrive to us their light upon since the origins of the universe, if this information was exciting for you? Continue reading and you will get stunned :)

1.Milky Way

Milky Way is the galaxy in which there inside our solar system, reaching the diameter size to 100 or 120 thousand light-years across, and contain 200 to 400 billion star, while containing a smaller number of planets along with the 10 billion body revolves around many stars mother like satellites .

2.El Gordo

Located galaxy "El Gordo" Over 7 billion light-years, according to a study conducted by a group of scientists on this galaxy, they are considered the largest and most colorful and are responsible for most of the X-rays, which are spread over long ones, and features a galaxy by its color dark blue, which scientists believe that as a result of the merger of two galaxies.

3.Massive black holes

Black Hole is a large mass in a small volume of space has a strong attraction to enable them to pull anything so light, it may be weight greater than the weight of 21 billion like the sun our group, shows the nearest black hole in the form of an egg from the stars gathered, known as NGC 4889 and يبعدنا by about 336 million light-years away.

4.Vast universe

Might believe that outer space is not vast enough to listen to those numbers that are talking about millions of light-years to reach the galaxy that live nearby, but according to studies and calculations carried out by scientists to measure the size of the solar energy and the distances between the stars, planets and galaxies, they discovered that the area of ​​the universe is estimated b 156 billion light-years away (although that area is uncertain final).


Another theory emphasizes that we do not live in the fact that only one, but there are many universes other which owns the sources of energy, time, and their own laws, and despite the absence of any evidence that the "multiverse" is a given, but the technology that we have currently not let us know so special and we are unable to visit beyond the planets in our solar system, how we will be able to visit another universe is us probably more than 100 billion light-years away?


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