((Onion half Pharmacy))

Is a kind of pulses of platoon Alzenbakah , with a pungent irritating odor . The reason for this is the sulfate allyl , a substance sulfur , and caution all caution from the use of onions after storage passage because it oxidizes and consists of it toxic substance , فلذا should be used fresh, has been scientifically proven that juice kills microbes streptococcus , as well as microbes tuberculosis perish as soon as the patient vapor onions .
 Elements and vitamins present in onions:
 1 - Vitamin C to rot.
 2 - sex hormones tonic for men .
 3 - Material Alklocnin the which like insulin regulate blood sugar.
 4 - phosphorus , calcium and iron in many quantities .
 5 - sulfur, and iron, and vitamin tonic for the nerves .
 6 - Materials diuretic , yellow , stimulants to the heart.
 7 - Yeasts and enzymes useful for the stomach .
 8 - alarm activated materials for glands and hormones.
 There are many benefits enjoyed the onions are as follows:
 1 - treat hair loss if the scalp massage onion juice .
 2 - onions also useful in removing facial spots and freckles when crushed and soaked in vinegar and then scrub the face .
 3 - onions proved to be stronger than the antibiotics penicillin and Alawrmiojsen , and advances .. For that , it kills a lot of dangerous germs .
 4 - addresses many diseases , including: whooping cough, prostate , dysuria .
 5 - has an impact therapeutic when infection colds , cold , cough, bellyache , along with that anthelmintic and tonic and tonic for the body, but cautioned that a lot of eating onions cause Alokhm and lead to deep sleep as well as a sense of thirst.
 6 - and it is recommended for people with diabetes eat medium onion a day as reduce the amount of sugar in the blood of the patient.
 7 - useful for power genitals, cancer , rheumatic , tonic for the nerves and eczema .
 8 - reduces body fat percentage and Alklestrul in the blood .
 9 - prevents blood clotting which causes cardiac angina


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