Night of birds of prey deals in the world of birds, they are characterized by sense of sight
 Strong night and it seems evident from the large size of their eyes sharp insightful
 The owl is the only bird that can look with both eyes to the goal
 One, astronomical So you see around it manages her head at an angle up to 270 degrees, add
 Intense excellence in those night vision feature that not only matched the

 Owl has the unique property, namely the Pacific Aviation, do not occur votes wings during flight, so as not to run away rats and rodents cautious by nature. And can fly at the age of 6 or 7 months.

 There are 200 kind of Albomyat on the planet pygmy owl is the smallest species
 Album where a height of 12 cm and punishment Alporrasah the owl is the largest Albums
 It has a height 71 cm and also albums owl species that live in the snow
 North America and there is a large owl with centuries There is a large hair tuft on
 Her head in the form of
 Centuries and knows the kind of albums Balabuam Alanaabh and Alabuam of cats and tigers
 Winged and change their colors from reddish-brown to gray or black and white
 Her big eyes orange or yellow She lives in a variety of environments


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