Photo: British child suffers from a rare disease it does not stop smiling

British children suffer in the second of the age of a rare hereditary disease affects the ability to walk and learning, but it makes a lasting happiness does not stop smiling. The newspaper (Daily Mail), The initial Bthreyk suffering since birth from a chromosomal disorder known as syndrome (Engelmann), which causes him severe difficulty in learning, and draw a permanent smile on his face.

She added that Annie Campbell, the mother of a primary, I noticed that the child is unable to focus properly and the submitting it to the doctors, who diagnosed suffering from the syndrome (Engelmann), which gives sufferers including behavior luck and make them smile and laugh continuously.

The newspaper quoted the 24-year old saying that "a smile preliminary make everything worthwhile and delightful though it is deprived of sleep a lot of times, as he has the talent make you feel happy, and the only thing you want any mother or father is to be their child's conditionhappiness. "The syndrome (Engelmann) very rare, affecting fewer than 1,000 people in the United Kingdom.

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