Sage Imhotep

Pharaohs of the most mysterious at all
 And the greatest of genius in the history of ancient Egypt

 Hakim Imhotep has emerged unexpectedly and unknown in ancient pharaonic history , with Jabara unique mentality stunned all who lived with him , and even considered by the ancient Egyptians , the God of knowledge, and set him thousands of statues ... And there in the Louvre only fifty a statue of him ... so that the Gauls and the Romans had worshiped later

 Imhotep was genius in the art of architecture , sculpture , and in most branches of medicine , it is the first doctor we know by name in the history of mankind , invented dozens of herbal drugs , and described dozens of diseases and injuries and scientifically accurate description .
 Imhotep was the first Architect in history , and probably the first to use the columns in the building Omran ... as he designed the pyramid of Djoser at Saqqara in the period between the " 2611-2630 " s . M .
 And some evidence to suggest it was the first mine in history , and also said that he is the one who invented writing and ephemeris .

 And this is not everything , it was also creative in many other fields ; where knew his talent noodles , and numerous his Invention , including black ink , which was not known when the pharaohs.

 Because of his genius inimitable got Imhotep on several functions in the king's palace Pharaonic Djoser of the Third Dynasty - he was general supervisor of the administration palace objects and property , but later became a minister with many other privileges which were limited only to the Pharaohs " ruling class " and that did not come into contact with one at that time.
 Until he was at one time the first man after the king.
 Then suddenly disappeared ! ! So without any introductions ! !
 Completely disappeared and is no longer the Pharaonic history at all talking about ! !
 Scientists have not found the tomb yet!
 And which has increased puzzled Egyptologists ..
 In Imhotep biography ...
 Is the name !
 As it means in the ancient Egyptian language ..
 " Who came in peace "
 It is where you came ? ! Where did he go? !
 No one knows yet ..


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