See the most dangerous games in the world, which often lead to death!!

Sports gate is always fun and fair competition, but you could almost sports injury or death sometimes when you come to the game's most dangerous in the world!! Not all games available and easy, but there is a lot of risk and the mortality rate is considerable

Most of the play knows the seriousness and the injured witness of before, Ahudatha and but beat competition and feature Almamerh exercised .. highlight the in our theme most dangerous games in the world and that a high incidence of accidents and risk


1 - skiing slope in the streets

Is a strange game of its kind launched in 1970

They waved skating and riding down the slope from the top of a large hill to the bottom of the slope very quickly

The game does not have the means of safety to protect the player or even the brakes to stop the panel was launched from its place and came down from the hill not stop her, but in two places at the end or in the hospital :)

2 - skating Alhlekoatr

Fun and adventure are the title of that game.This game not more expensive in the only health but more expensive in money too

Because it will use a helicopter to Shod on snow Qqm in the upper and unsafe speed skating from above

Although the game is expensive and risky, but it Majabubh to many people and to others lass.

3 - Windsurfing

To fight with nature is what this game is about.The game known for many to view but who can foot

The game riding player tablet ski Bhaly the high waves that rise above the water surface 20-30 feet Bdoranh the around and Mghazltha the

But perhaps courtship Tqty the owner that was signed between the folds of those treacherous waves in the low 15-25 feet below the surface of the earth, it is likely the senior pronounces last breath at that time!!
4 - riding bulls

I personally do not consider it fun but Amgamrh because adventure Ttney the significant gain and physically

Vcef me feeling someone wants to ride a bull weighing 2,000-pound weight Any weakness hundreds of times along the lines of force also

Valthor not likely the presence of an ant on the back Fmae when it comes from abandon Jyate and riding on the back fate of the best cases be thrown out of the park and probably located above the bull and this is common and tickles his bones

2,000-pound consecutive times and, of course, difficult to save him from those same predicament, which implicated in. .. Although there are broken bones and once cured seconds to go bull riding and it was him and the between Thar bull!!

5 - Running in front of the bulls

Or escape as if you (Treat factor and Mkhbayha) game usually loves those over 18 years old

And where that launches the bulls on these practitioners her Valjry or escape and deliverance from harm either cracking bones bull greatness of greatness has been up to death

They are more dangerous than the previous game (riding bulls) for you is free in front of raging bull is tied to his back could not own property you exactly like that game

Always in every game no escape by full. Valenjah here is to escape from death .. no exposure to death inevitable Vasabh on the least practiced on both!!!
6 - Teams incentive Reviews

Of the nicest Allabat the most spectacular Actinbh the viewer but it is most serious for the player

In game Ttsand the girls to each other to provide forms and offers impressive movements of a balanced and calculated every girl in the game is not right to play, but if it were a professional!!

Because the collective game which is based on account balance and moves them all as if they were all of one mind. Surely the player does not depend on the player's skill alone, but only to wake up all the players because small mistake cost
7 - Speedway

Speedway is most dangerous Allabat in the world chagrin that her injuries a few but Jaddaaa expensive,

And loved by millions of people and many have dreams for a bike ride, but when they see an accident during the race some of them change their mind

But many of those who have a passion for are still Aahqunha the though. Because of injury in motorcycle racing are very rare and killed many of them instead of having safety.
8 - high-altitude climbing

Climbing mountains or hills are fun when some despite risks Fmae that anyone that wants to climb Mount semi based at large from the ground

With the lack of air and stress with poor safety means to that person. Many of the deaths recorded from that game every year because short is no where even injuries Aotxeir the bones

Is a death or climb to the top of the mountain., Of course, is that would not benefit from the rise of the summit, but remain the dominant adventure and fun on the wishes of the man!!
9 - jumping on a flat base

They Atejely that in the previous sport which is climbing on the mountain tops that person ascended survivors stood to exercise the sport to satisfy his ego

It is intended to al Qaeda here is anything standard is based upon the player may be the base of a bridge or anything else of course there is a safety factor, but it is not strong and is also like a wilderness of aircraft Alsarahh in the clouds

May look easy as long as there is a means safety, but will not heed player normal count on the speed at which you jump out and air resistance to his body small and lack of control in a seat belt side that Alkhbtat done on rocks great Failure to calculate it or disregard them leads to serious risks!!

10 - diving in the depths of the caves (the world's most dangerous Games)

Of course, are the most dangerous sport that could be exercised in your life Donna previous sports

You are fighting against nature in a silent battle!! Diving in the caves is a type of technical diving to Aimarssh any one never must Akunmhterv the dive in and not only that, but a professional in calculations and estimates

Due to a lack of oxygen, cold and darkness may be seen by some easy but it Atkhaloa the risk of injuries and percentage of casualties is very high

Of course there are surprised to learn from some of the games that the likelihood of injury and death very large but before the surprised look at their habits and the nature of the country in terms of geography

Spain is famous oxen plentiful, you will find it's common there and intriguing young big factor to playing games with the bulls, as well as the country of snow and the country's mountains
In the end, wait for your responses to our exclusive theme and choose any possible game that exercised by you of those games


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