Sleep early .. Protects you from nightmares

A recent Turkish study revealed that late in sleep are usually more prone to nightmares.

 The Web site (Life Science) Scientific American that researchers at the University of (Yozonju, Yale) Turkish found it go to sleep at a time

 Late at night are more prone to nightmares and disturbing dreams.

 The scientists used during the study, led by Yavuz predecessor, a certain measure of between zero and four to assess the rate of bad dreams

At approximately 4 thousand people, and found that it is said they are late in going to sleep rate registered 2.10 on the scale, while the record

 Others 1.23.

 The scientists found a link between the delay in sleep and nightmares among women in the early twenties.

 Previous studies have estimated that 80% of adults suffer a nightmare at least annually, compared to 5% suffer more than once in

Of the month.

 The scientists considered the relationship between delay in sleep and disturbing dreams of a mystery, and believe that these people may be more likely

With mood disorders and stressful lifestyles.


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