Strangest cases of death in the world

Drink Egyptian worker working in one of the fields cold water and after that I felt a pain in her mouth and discovered the presence of ants in the water that you drink , and the intensity of the fear I went to her house and dealt with pesticides insecticide , which led to her death immediately .
- The fall of the worker in a saucepan filled with chocolate in a factory in the city of pies Aunungton American .
- Alex Mitchell English construction worker died as he watched the play comedies and why not stop laughing for half an hour !
- A Polish woman decided to commit suicide after being separated from her husband , casting herself from the tenth floor but just saved from death in the same moment that threw herself from the balcony was her husband passes in front of the entrance to the building value terms fell to him and killed him while she lived is .
- Man tried to kill his sister fired at him but did not hit him , but hit the shot tree was standing at her side , and after 20 years on the incident decided the latter to interrupt the tree where stabilized bullet , but the bullet was launched and hit his head after surviving them 20 years ago and killed him on the spot.
Strangest cases of disappearances in the world :
- "Ship ghost" , a ship found in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean in 1872 completely intact and fully loaded , but the curious in the subject he has not found anyone who was on board , sparking confusion and featured a range of analyzes , but without proof Some interpreted the incident disappearance of these alien abduction for passengers who were on board while others favored a storm and led to the swing passenger ship and the fall of them and drowned them all.- A group of 114 people in the Roanoke Island colony in 1587 , when this group came to the problems by the indigenous people of the island, the leader of the group left the island to seek the help protect them from the people , but he was shocked upon his return in 1590 with the disappearance of all members of the group .Some interpreted this disappearance that the group killed at the hands of the indigenous people of the ancient Indian tribes , while others likely they died of starvation or were exposed to attacks by thieves Spaniards ..99


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