The evil face of the famous Disney characters!

Creations vary from time to time at Disney World! We saw you before how the Disney characters turned from the land of fantasy to reality while blending creative "Jirka vaatainen" those personalities people from reality! And then offered you a trip to Disneyland.

Today the figures designer Jeffrey Thomas Jeffrey Thomas imagining what if the evil Disney characters! In other words, what if their story ended happy and began the life of every character later in these days you will switch to an evil character! To discover this now Pictures

1 - Snow White Snow white may have begun with the seven dwarves evil trip! In the woods or perhaps to seize the property of the prince who I love it! "Who knows!! Think you and tell us what is perceived by her story.

2 - Bukahnts the Pocahantes may have begun with other Indian tribes to go to war and fighting on English ships and soldiers invade their territory from time to time under the pretext of having gone "you can also lists your story you imagine!...

3 - Jane Jane who knows? May have killed Jane Tarzan and are accounted for forest and Hawantha!

4 - Alice in Wonderland, "Alice" inevitably Ellis killed the evil Queen annoying! And more than that our Lord took place and become the evil queen that govern the world of Wonderland.

5 - Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame "Maybe teamed up with wicked movie! And humpback killed! And participated in the governance of the country and got rid of all her sex Roma Brown!

6 - Twilight Princess or Sleeping Beauty Sleeping beauty could be a multitude of sleep turned into a zombie D: and when I woke up to kiss Prince was the first prey and then got rid of the witch and her parents and the whole city!

7 - Rbanzl of Rapunzel would never imagine girls can imagine such a beautiful girl to evil! But everything is permissible!Maybe her hair was magical and adversely But the more touching someone dominated upon Schrth to its diabolical!

8 - Cinderella Cinderella imagine what the character be evil? Maybe synthesized good until she married Prince and came to power and then! Killed the good Fairy and used magic stick  in dubious things!

Note! Drafting of the new stories not only mentions the designer is drawing characters and made us think! What will be the story of those personalities these pictures  ^ _ ^?


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