The story of the thousand invention of : Thomas Edison ..The man who lit up the world with his lamp

"Everyone thinks of changing the world ..But no one thinks of changing himself! "..
These words were one of the categories of the great scientist Thomas Edison, who'll have of your time a few minutes to stop in front of him, to see people fought all the circumstances around to the degrees it went up to him glory!

Edison was born in Milan, Ohio, in the United States in 1847, and the title of world's Edison His invention of the millennium he alone scored more than 1090 patent!!
The strange thing is that this genius with a thousand idea and the idea was suffering from hearing impairment did not complete his education because the level of education was weak, but at the time it was rejected by the school being overwhelmed mother with love and affection I took to learn reading, writing and science, and when he was 11 years old he had studied the history of the world Newton American history and Shakespeare and other novels.
At the same time directed Edison to sell newspapers at railway stations, and the work of employees to send telegrams to the railway station and from here helped work on Edison invented the first machine Telegraph:

And not only that, but also invented machine recording sounds and had this machine strange story , when told Edison his aides that he intends to invention of a machine speak mocked him , especially his assistant Croce , but after 30 hours of continuous work surprised Edison whole world by inventing the first machine recorded votes and frequency and this was stranger to the world that they called the Thomas Edison name of " magician" ! !Edison is the first thought of the invention device transmits speech over wires (telephone ) although the world "Bill" preceded the invention of the first phone , but the phone Bell was not transferred votes only from room to room , skip the invention of Edison's room to the whole world! , Came up year 1879 when Edison invented the electric phone this year was beginning to change the world.Did not even spend a lot Edison invented the invention which caused his fame so far is " electric lamp ."
Began the story of the invention of the light bulb with Edison while his mother got sick and seriously ill , the doctor decided that being have immediate surgery but .. There is a problem because the time was at night and there is enough light to see your doctor what to do in this delicate process , so had to wait until sunrise to being the process! !

Hence the beginning of the invention of the electric lamp , Edison took continue in his attempts and his insistence on the invention of the electric lamp so that he fought more than 99 failed experiment and each time when they fail experience he says , " This is great .. We have shown that this also means is successful to reach the invention which dreamed of doing, " was not called experiments failed , but experiments did not work ! , And despite the lack of success in a very large number of times , but it did not pay to despair but continued to try, and actually in 1879 Edison lamp illuminated the faces radiate the joy of this great invention , and continued the bottle illuminated 45 hours and Edison told his aides as long as they remained lighted this period Fbamkane the illuminated for a hundred hours !The news spread newspapers that Edison magician achieved a miracle and people between denying and certified , that was great event in the New Year 's Eve in 1879 , and continued until the dawn of the first day of 1880.

For Edison also Achterat many , but it was the lowest value of the lamp electrical , invented the Edison system to generate benzene and its derivatives from plants to help the United States in the First World War , and invented Thomas also camera film and printing machine and device for measuring electricity and a way to enlarge rubber and a lot of other inventions .He died this great world on October 18, 1938 to leave the world after that every house lit it.
But how Edison has become too great ? !All agreed great that the large number of reading and knowledge and lack of interest in money are creating scientists and thinkers , says Edison for money " is not money , but a means , not an end ," so it was Edison spend money to buy new machines and try to buy a plant larger order to accommodate Achterath , was arrived to the extent that invent a new invention each at the age of only 23 years old he had his record 122 invention !
In the end, I leave you with some of the categories of the great inventor Thomas Edison :
- I did not do anything by accident did not invent any from accidentally Achteraaty but hard work.
- If we did all the things that we are able to overcome it to أذهلنا ourselves .
- That does not mean that something is not working as you want him it useless.
- Success 1 % talent and 99 % effort .
- I did not fail , but I found 10 thousand way to success.
- We do not know , one million of anything.
- Great hopes make great people .
- To invent you need a good imagination and a pile junk.
- 1000000 discovered a way does not lead to the invention of the battery and tried 99 times to the light bulb industry .


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