Tinnitus :
 Tinnitus or ear noise is a common problem affecting one out of every 5 people. Some people may hear the constant humming sound in their ears, as there are no other sounds .
 It may be continuous tinnitus in one ear or in both ears exhibitors inflammation of the ear is more dangerous , especially if accompanied by a loss of hearing or dizziness.
 Causes of tinnitus
 Despite the fact that ringing ears troublesome , but it does not usually evidence of a serious matter . In most cases, the sound source is unknown . But you can handle ringing ears sometimes , if possible, identify the underlying cause behind it , and the most important reasons:
 • accumulation of earwax
 • There is something strange in the ear
 • infections and disorders of the inner ear , such as hardening of the ear , or the presence of abnormal pressure of the fluid inside the ear , or damage to the inner ear cells
 • Exposure to loud noise for long periods
 • age after age 60 , which weakens the backbone of the inner ear .
 • stress and depression
 • TMJ disorders
 • injuries to the head or neck
 • auditory nerve tumor Hamid
 Tinnitus therapy at home:
 Dominated the tension , tension may make tinnitus worse ears . Therefore, the control of the tension , whether through relaxation therapy or exercise may provide some relief.
 • Try to determine the cause of tinnitus , such as exposure to loud noise

 When should I see a doctor :
 It became a buzz in your ear , worse , or continued , or associated with hearing loss or dizziness , the thought of getting on a comprehensive assessment by a physician. Your doctor may be more tests . Although most of the causes of tinnitus benign and non- life-threatening, but the problem may be difficult and troublesome.


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