Weird Facts

* Marked the color yellow eye faster than the rest of the colors, so we find that taxis and school buses in America for their yellow color.

* In some types of spiders: after the end of the process of mating, the female spider devour mentioned.

* People suffer from phobia of public speaking. Some of them are afraid of public speaking more than they fear death.

* Put on a cool head helps to improve the quality of sleep, so I find most people are looking for the cold in the pillow.

* Why rub your eyes when you sleepy? Because it is human nature carried out to try to pump more blood in your eyes perhaps you go sleepiness.

* You can hear the voice of the biological processes that occur within your body, just plug your ears.

* If injury from rubbing or tickle in the throat rub your ears.

* Clothes affect the first impression that people take it from you.

# What is the most important information from your point of view?


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