What do you do if you happened to the part of your body cut or a large wound ..

We are all exposed to some injuries during cooking in the kitchen or during repair something or even workers can be exposed to some of these injuries to cut dangerous pieces with a sharp object which can be simple , which means they do not need a Band-Aid so we speak in this article are talking about serious injuries when cutting with a sharp object and this time you need to make some first aid until the emergency comes :

1. Stop the bleeding : in cases of cutting Statistics does not happen bleeding In serious cases must be pressed lightly on the wound with a clean cloth so that each lasting pressure of 20 to 30 minutes and it is not true that Tzer fell bleeding wound every short period , it will not stop the bleeding , and did not the bleeding stops should seek help immediately

2.  Try to clean the wound with clean water and do not use soap it will increase the poor wound so it should only clean water only if I saw that the wound is dirty dramatically should use a disinfectant such as alcohol to neutralize the bacteria or what could be would maliciously this open wound or cause inflammation and there is no need to use any of the compounds of hydrogen peroxide or iodine

3. The use of antibiotics : After cleaning the wound then put any ointment or cream is one of the antibiotics in order to maintain moisture in the wound surface and errors accepted when a lot of people that the antibiotic will make the wound healed quickly, but the fact that the wound will remain as it is with the continuity in the development of counter- vital because the function antibiotic is to stop the infection Ballbecktiria or inflammation so that the process of wound healing in a healthy but before the application of the antibiotic on the wound must make sure it does not contain substances that cause allergies infected by placing a few of the antibiotic in any area of ​​skin and wait If the results did not happen any redness or inflammation can be used only with the wound and you must find another antibiotic does not cause allergic reactions of the injured

4. Cover the wound : Use clean bandages to cover the wound where it will keep away from friction and bacteria as Stazlh for air which accelerates the process of wound healing

5. Changing dressings : Change the bandages back at least every day or whenever her grandmother had stained or covered with blood

6. The use of sutures for wound deep : You must use sutures to the surgeon whose depth is greater than 5 millimeters , or in the case of wounds that bleed when infection in the muscles that is customary in medical circles But if you CAN Nglg wound through adhesives ( plaster ) and bandages there is no problem However , it must be used stitches to close the wound and the patient must go to the doctor in order to prevent transmission of infection or mistakes

7. Some preventive steps : You must follow the wound from time to time so that notes how redness or exposure to infections, it is best to take the patient an injection tetanus prophylaxis of diseases and bacteria that may have moved wound


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