what is the sky consists of ???

Are you listening to right and you contemplate the sky at night you do not see the net from the sky but perhaps 5 % less than its contents no matter how

 Used binoculars and sensors Sensors .. and that 95 % of the contents of this heaven and perhaps more remain blocked you ..

 Because it is dark black blocks do not come out of the light and clouds of plankton and dust extended infinitely vast .

 On the other hand at amazing speeds , such as arrows hidden .. not to mention the big giant objects like stars and suns

 And galaxies, planets and satellites and satellites that rotates in Avelakea .

 The assumption of the existence of these hidden dark matter was caused by the stars and suns , planets and galactic giant blocs are not enough

 Total Ktalatha for maintain the coherence of the total universe as a whole .. and its impact gravitational not enough to reunite the enormous cosmic clusters of

 Galaxies and accessories for a swim in captured Tadhanh , as we see it .. and had to be that Tnfrt nor the existence of this article assumed

 The dilemma dilemma mathematical and statistical , Vhasal collect blocks and smiley Bmanazirna existing satellite cameras and Mjdzisatna

 X- rays and gamma rays and infrared Hubble telescope says that the total material in much less than the amount

 Explains this gravitational cohesion based

 Had Manra is all the material had to be that ينفرط this universe Bdedda and scattered in space and wasted cooling and switches off

 Not meet him included .. There is a minimum of the cluster to be there taking possession of the cosmic architecture .. stuck and had to be from the assumption that more

 Than ninety per cent of the material universe is hidden and non - perspective , rather than leaving it no light indicating it .. and it must be

 Certainly found even though we do not see there to be those fist notable that stuck to the visible universe

 The scientists gravity Aukdn that there are a minimum of the cluster to hold together this huge family of galaxies, stars and suns

 The planets and moons and deport as see a Tadhanh in this infinite space .

 If the largest bloc , the group collapsing on each and shrinks piling up , Taatdhaguet and the fused and being the maximum degree

 From mashing gravitational temperature rises and turns into a paste Fireworks .

 Then compressed to a maximum of compression and to a maximum of tiny .. then return فتنفجر the stretch and disperses in space to re -

 Story of the first explosion, which seemed the universe .. and then spread in the seven heavens and formed the image of stars , suns and galaxies

 Floating  .. as it is in our world acclaimed now .

 And expand and remain far apart by the force of the blast even subsided this power .. Vinca so - called neutral balcony between two .. strength

 The central attraction .. and centrifugal force and continues to this universe several other billions of years

 If continued the spacing and overcame centrifugal force on the central attractive force due to their small mass , the fist remains

 Undermine and weaken then scattered the universe Bdedda in the space .. and it is open in the language of the universe , astronomers .. It never extended

 In scattering do not always meet him included

 And if the opposite happened because of the sheer mass , the physical universe is collapsing on in part because of his weight then shrinks and Atdhaguet the to the point

 The first blast .. This is a model of the universe in the language of astronomers CSS

 Lord says about time in the Koran .

 Was heavy in the heavens and the earth brings you not only troubled .

 Links the Almighty between gravity and cosmic collapse in a speech heavy .. It is a scientific reference miss many eloquent .. Glory

 Which expanded everything mercy and note .. The word  .. is the literal translation of the word gravity and this miracle of the Quranic statement

 The exact endless wonders .

 And on the lesson from all this that the physical mass of the total universe that will determine the behavior will determine the end ... but we

 Do not see the sum of these article and seeing them only part that radiates light .. and we completely hides the substantia nigra dark side

 Do not realize it , but guess conclusion of our calculations .. we will not know when the moment will come Alanhiaz gravitational and when the time though

 We know  is and markings

 And that 's another gesture to the accuracy of the Quranic statement

 Brings you only troubled

 Any We will Nfajabha the will not be detected with our calculations , although we expected to happen .. There minus element in these accounts will not ندركه

 Our .. is material means and extent of the dark black mass exactly

 This is the x in the equation that there is no way to quantify this is the challenge facing scientists.

 No we will not know exactly how much this dark black material and therefore will not be able to determine the hours of collapse and there is mad

 Astronomer now about this article .. black and there is a feverish race between all the observatories and astronomical research centers to get to the essence

 True to the substantia nigra , quantity and mass

 The most intense dispute between research centers

 But all of them agree that it's a fact and it fills the heavens .. but they are very different in different amount .. In what it is .

 And other gesture of Koranic accuracy in a letter to God to Moses on time .. Lord says to Moses that the clock a Acad hide itlatte to be rewarded for all the same as seeking ( 15 Taha ) , says Lord Acad اخفيها not says hide it .. no we we will know it 's latte .

 The very word precision .. Vafilkjon the latte now know it is no doubt it is related to the cumulative increase of the block .. but they do not

 Know how much of this total mass .. because of the dark matter that does not come out of the light and not be detected with binoculars .. and therefore does not

 Can calculate the exact date of collapse because the total number unknown

 And states like .. The split came close at the Moon (1 Moon )

 Perhaps never know at nearby ( 17 sc )

 Asks Ian Resurrection 6 Resurrection day .. all .. it impossible to specify the signals If Lightning sight and eclipsed moon and collect the sun and the moon ( 7 8 9 Resurrection )

 And combines the sun and the moon , but in the gravitational collapse which breaks down the two attractive center and turn the entire universe into a paste

 One Thersha the gravity Hrsa the ..

 There is no doubt it will be a case of miraculous kidnap scenic sight awkward .. this if the viewer is able to watch and if they do not

 Turns to powder or powder.

 And it can not be described is a major disaster by all measures wane in front of each Manra of floods and hurricanes and earthquakes and volcanoes

 Lightning and avalanches .

 It 's the end, that only God knows why then

 Does not have the astronomer that monitors and measures the score is calculated , but the gets بالرجفه and panic .. figures which meets his

 Computing huge تنبيئ of computing possible Mukd of .. that there are hidden dark matter fills the space and the universe shrubs and these

 Dark matter constitutes more than 95 of the universe , and what we see with our own eyes of the universe is less than 5 % of the total content .. and galaxies

 Immersed in the subtle halos of this article as pistachio kernels in the sink .. and there breeder Lita giant has millions of Arms

 Pressure on the substance of the universe slowly without knowing .. and we are slowly approaching the critical moment that will collapse

 Where all something huge Kmamar of straw when .. ? ! ! Can not define .

 And bulky computers aids

 The figures are not yet appear .

 We do not have only guessing .

 But every forecaster says that this great universe walking vigorously to an end .

 The great truth of our Prophet , peace be upon him when he answered the fluid that asked

 When time O Messenger of God .

 He said the great Apostle in the words of wisdom are all collected .

 Do not ask me .. but Ask yourself .. Why I prepared her


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