What is the ugliest animal in the world

identify the owner of the title of the ugliest animal in the world

Wax fish got the title of the ugliest animal in the world, after the vote raised animals Conservation Society unsightly to the public. The winner was announced at the British Science Festival in Newcastle.
This fish joins animals "hideous" endangered and that are often neglected, including a huge proboscis monkey nose, and a pig nose turtle.
Wax fish have many names, including a spot fish and fish gelatin and English known as "Blobfis". It is hard to see because they live at a depth of 600 to 1200 meters, where the tremendous pressure so the body is free gelatinous mass of muscle to withstand water pressure.
This fish feed on crabs and lobsters which is facing the threat of extinction due to fishermen, with it inedible caught harmlessly to display to visitors in the basins of the shops.


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