What would happen if a nuclear bomb fell (God forbid) on your city?!! View the answer through the web site

What would happen if a nuclear bomb fell (God forbid) on your city?!!

The question seems strange, but if I had known that at the moment you read where these words now there are 20,500 nuclear warheads (officially) in the world (and the tip of the iceberg!), Perhaps out of curiosity to know what would happen if the nuclear war and fell into a nuclear bomb in the city we live in, and to know the answer visit NukeMap site that provides this service exotic presentation of a great scientific rigor.

To visit the site: click here

This page will appear:

All you have to do is determine where the bomb will fall by moving the map, and you can to facilitate your movement pressure on the mark - on the left to minimize the map:

Click on it several times until the whole world, and then move the map to be a country in the middle and press the + sign to enlarge to show your city, or press Dguettin the row within the map the location of your city to enlarge:

You can zoom in more to choose the street or even the house in which they live, and then press the Center ground zero to put the center of the bomb blast in the middle of the map:

You can then move the center of the explosion by clicking on it and dragging it to choose a more accurate place.

Now is the time excitement ..
Select the type of the bomb from the menu that appears in the picture

And you can see where the most famous bombs in ascending order by the power of the bomb. To choose, for example, a bomb penultimate Tsar Bomba, the largest bomb yet been tried, owned by Russia.
Then press the button Detonate bombing of shows you the impact!

We'll give you several circles these meanings:

- Yellow circle in the middle:Indicate the size of the nuclear fireball that are in the middle, and in the event of a bomb such as Imagine that fireball only a diameter of 2.3 miles!!
There is no need to explain what is happening all that God wills to be inside!
- Green circle:An area of radiation that the ratio of the dead where 50% -70%, and 6.56 kilometers in diameter.
- The red circle:A high pressure area which shatter the thick concrete buildings and everything standing in the way of the air because of pressure from the bomb blast (equivalent to 20 times the atmospheric pressure), and the proportion of injuries which are 100% and a diameter of 9.95 miles.
- Gray circle:A pneumatic pressure area but also less effective, although most buildings where also shatter in which a large proportion of injuries in a radius of 26.26 kilometers.
- Orange Circle:Is the least influential and it happens "only" third-degree burns any skin exposed to the impact of the blast, causing fires in an impenetrable anything in a radius of 58 miles!!

Imagine if the second-largest nuclear bomb in the world able to "erase" a huge city like Cairo and all its life and inanimate in every sense of the word, to the extent that effects Hrogaha and Ahaaath direct link to several neighboring cities around!!
Something catastrophic to a terrifying degree, and you can imagine what it might do the world's largest bomb, which amounts to its "weak" power of the bomb that was tested.
Then add to that a bomb Tsar those are old technology has been tried for the first time in 1961, this video documenting the bombing:

I wonder about myself .. If those dating back to the sixties technology has been disclosed what has been over the past decades has not yet disclosed?!!

For more information about these bombs, you can read the following topic: What you do not know about the nuclear bomb


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