What you do not know about the nuclear bomb

We hear every now and then news repulsion and attraction between the international community and Iran over its nuclear program, which it says is for peaceful purposes, while saying the United States and other countries that it aims to make nuclear weapons. It is for this nuclear weapons surround Iran America and the world, and for which America occupied Iraq for and also North Korea and besieged him many of the problems occur in different parts of the world between now and then. So why all the fuss about nuclear weapons?

Let's look at this on a nuclear bomb briefly and simply:

We all know the ordinary bombs, they are substances chemically interact with each other in a certain way to cause an explosion leads to destruction affects a specific area to harm and kill the people who live there, but also destroys any buildings located in the area of ​​the impact of the explosion depending on the type and size of the bomb. But the case is very different in the case of nuclear bombs.Why?

What is the difference between a nuclear bomb and the bomb normal?
Will answer this question Pulse Magazine: Imagine that a nuclear bomb caliber and one mega tons, enough to erase the largest city in the present age of the face of the earth?!!

We'll talk about the meaning of the bomb shortly after caliber but for now we are talking about the reason for this terrible devastation:

Although the energy and power of the bomb regular lies in the force of the explosion, but the situation is very different in the case of a nuclear bomb because the force of the explosion does not constitute only 50% of the energy bomb and its impact, while distributed the rest of the impact in the form of heat huge waves and radiation lethal pulse electromagnetic enormous.

Will instruct on each point quickly, and begin Pal first 50% of the impact of the atomic bomb, namely:

While a nuclear bomb explode causing enormous pressure wave configuration destroy all that stands in its way. This wave transmitted quickly than the speed of sound in the area of the explosion and less all the speed we moved away from the area of the explosion.

The question is: Why do the pressure wave that?
If we take the example of a small caliber bomb 20 kilotons (ie force of the explosion explosion equal to 20,000 kilograms of TNT material that is used in ordinary bombs!!) To see what he will do the blast was caused by a bomb small: the human

- At a distance of one kilometer will be formed area of ​​tremendous pressure in all directions around the point of explosion, will bring severe pressure on all tissues of the human body, causing lacerations severe lead to the separation of his muscles and his body for bone, as well as being members containing gases Kalrih and intestines, middle ear to the intense pressure leads to explosion.

- 1.5 km will happen confusion in all organs of the body with severe bleeding from the nose, ear and severe fractures and pain in the limbs.

- At a distance of 2 km from the explosion will happen confusion in every organic system and the loss of consciousness accompanied by severe headaches and loss of hearing ability with bleeding from the nose and ear pain and fractures in the joints with the prospect of not being able to speak and sputum mixed with blood.

This is the effect of a small bomb shells 20 thousand tons, let alone a 50-caliber grenade million tons?

If you thought I was joking this number, looking at this video for a real experience of the year 1961 the Russian Tsar bomb of a caliber of up to 57 million tons!!!:

It remains to be added here is a quick piece of information to the above:
- The total power of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, between 13 and 18 kilotons only. Small is not it?
Caused the power of the bomb explosion in the killing of about 140,000 people in the moment of the explosion!!!!
Imagine now that you saw this enormous impact of this terrible destruction not only 50% of the effect of the bomb?!!!

Where goes the rest of the 50%? 

The rest goes in the form of thermal radiation (35%) and radioactive contamination (15%):
Thermal radiation: 

This causes massive explosion in the formation of a huge fireball temperature reaches inside for 300,000 degrees Celsius! And the flame ball more fainter ones of the disk of the sun on a sunny atmosphere.

Transmitted this terrible heat in the form of thermal radiation affects all suffered from burns differently, depending on distance from the bomb, but take small (20 kt) as an example:

- At a distance of 1.5 kilometers cause these rays in the fourth degree burns (worst grades burns) and caused the death of many of those infected.

- At a distance of 2.5 kilometers cause third-degree burns, and the result of this emergence of ulcers and burns cause damage to cells in the skin and under the skin.

- At a distance of 3.5 kilometers cause third-degree burns, any skin fall.

- Finally, at a distance of 4.5 km first-degree burns, causing redness and swelling of the skin.

Do not forget also that we are talking about a relatively small bomb!!

Nuclear radiation:
Cause a nuclear explosion next to all of the above in the barrage of invisible gamma rays and neutrons during the early parts of the first seconds after the explosion. The cause human exposure to these rays in the incidence of radiation poisoning may lead to death according to the dose that a person exposed

 This point needs to be subject only to talk about the continuing impact of radioactive contamination caused by the nuclear bomb, which does not stop its impact in the area of ​​the explosion, but also move with the wind and the clouds to areas farther, but we limit ourselves in this quick reference.

And the impact of nuclear radiation conclude this rapid panoramic through which we want to get closer to a nuclear bomb to know any human folly committed by the same right!!

I leave you now with another group of photos, and start Nagasaki bomb that caused (with the Hiroshima bomb) in the killing of more than a quarter of a million people:


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