Wonders and marvels of the Jews

Spirit 's failure to return :

Suspicion Jews primitive that the dissociation sleeping spirit for some time and then come back to him , so they for sleeping Aaoukdon suddenly lest reluctant spirit him back .

Satanic spirits :

Jews believe that their lives are distinct from the rest of life and because they are part of God like the part of the son and his father and non- Jewish spirits are demonic spirits , like the lives of animals .

Charming when the Jews :

He believed in the Jewish primitive that the witch is a woman closely related to the devil have the ability to Etienne paranormal flying between Anne and another in the air between Friday and Saturday Mmttih broom with a stick Vtam Ndaut congregate where witches over the tops of the mountains to renew allegiance to the devil and show loyalty to him and graduated charming hole door key and lying in her bed during her absence small devil wearing a uniform

God of Sinai:

God of Sinai is the God of history and knows his work a singularity , justice and love, which is God 's eldest أسرائليين a creator of the world say that the spirit out of all the laws of nature and the disposal of predestination speaking and see and feel and laugh and suffer and descend from heaven to visit the Tower of Babel is reflected in the images of creation descend among the people.

Temple :

Specifications structure previously that claim and quality now : forty cubits deep and twenty wide and thirty rise , within the structure put the ark includes embodiment of God in the temple table by Alkhbzalmekds , يبدلونه day and was welcomed to the priesthood and the candlestick with seven people and either the door archaeologist at the entrance structure is an altar to burn victims.

Easter :

Months festivals : Easter forget 14 is the anniversary of their flight from Egypt and Pentecost week after Easter and New Year 's Day crescent Hebrew month , to commemorate the revelation of the Torah.

Meat when the Jews :

When the Jews that cushions beef contains a substance spirit animal involved in the piece Ghali in توهمه that man acquires the characteristics of animals that feeds Belhomha and this what makes the Jewish primitive deprives himself pork .

Scaring the Spirit :

Believed that the soul after مفارقتها of the body , hovering around him temporarily for family of the deceased were wearing wearing black dress and show sadness in their faces and shave their sense and Aitiion their heads with ashes and screaming to scare spirit Fterhal .

Jewish Talmud :

The holy book of the Jews is the real ( the Talmud ) The Torah is just the fabled history book for the most part , and learned that the authors of the Talmud was unable to public from Jewish possession is a book unknown to the general public .

Non - Jewish rape passport :

Sees Jews as he may rape any non-Jewish woman because they are descendants of animals.


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