Yogurt Fit to be a snack .. Or have breakfast taste is light on the stomach.

 - But what are the benefits of yogurt?
 1 - easy to digest yogurt for milk, which is important for people that have excessive sensitivity of milk can not be addressed .. Valzbadi dairy alternative for these people because it is easy to digest in the stomach as it contains the enzyme lactase digester
 This enzyme is not produced by the bodies which have excessive sensitivity of lactose.

 2 - yogurt reduces the likelihood that a person has cancer of the colon which contains
 (Lacto bacteria)
 It is beneficial bacteria keeps the survival of colon clean and free from litter.

 3 - In addition to helping in the process of digestion, it contains calcium, like the rest of the dairy products. The metal calcium helps build bones and teeth and gums, and this avoids human exposure to osteoporosis in aging.

 4 - Eat Yogurt on a regular basis helps to absorb the nutrients found in other foods Similarly, the example of the Yogurt helps the body absorb calcium and vitamins (b) any achieve the maximum benefit from foods if eaten after meals.

 5 - Strengthens Yogurt the immune system in the human body, and that as a result of previous interest and thus help the body get rid of toxins


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